How The Global Economy (Globalization) Affects Our Dependency…

Globalization… The tool of “Civilized” countries, the measurement of the stock market, and… the end to independence as we know it…

What exactly is Globalization? And how exactly is it stripping away our Independence?

At its most fundamental level, globalization is merely the result of a free-trade world, where any company with the resources, or the ability to attain the resources, can spread indefinitely throughout the globe. Take for example, restaurants such as McDonald’s,  Wal-Mart, and Starbucks; all of whom are global companies that are based on infinite growth in a limited environment. And ironically two of those three companies have stripped away our independence.

Think of a point in history where most human beings knew how to make their own shelters, grow their own foods, and manufacture their own clothing. This is becoming a thing of the past (literally and figuratively)!

Loss Independence of Foods (And the Dangers Of It):

The skills of survival we once knew as a whole are diminishing at a rapid rate, sometimes with deleterious effects. Especially in the foods category. The times where we once used to grow local foods and make our meals first-hand is becoming a thing of the past. This is largely due to the ease of which it is to grab foods at the local drive-thru. Yes, our society has become very busy, with very little free-time to rest, at the very least grow our own gardens. But why are we not making efforts as a whole to come up with efficient alternatives? Our youth is being advertised and mislead into craving unhealthy, sugary foods and goods so they can get hooked on them at an early age. Candies, Sodas, Sugary cereals, are all a formula for an unhealthy and dangerous diet, yet these are some main components many food business pour their money into. Even the “healthy” foods we buy at chain stores have been shipped with profit in mind. Most have been coated with preservatives and chemicals to keep them looking fresh so the buyers will buy it, even though it may contain chemicals that can harm them. The increased shelf-life of certain produce can be attributed largely to the chemicals added to it. The foods we get at the local drive-thru are mostly unhealthy, and aide in the increase of Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. We are in a food war with local businesses, with many casualties. Efforts to win our food back is a must, if we don’t start the push of having more local food sources, who knows what our predecessors will be eating? What will their health-state look like? Statistics show the major causes of death in America can be prevented through diet, yet why isn’t this issue among the top in current political agendas? If the American citizens lives were in the minds of men and women, who have platforms to speak out for healthier alternatives in the processing of goods and produce for major corporations, maybe we wouldn’t be in this state to begin with.

 To Be Continued…

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