In State Tuition

Let’s just start by saying this is my first blog ever, so if you have any constructive criticism I’d gladly appreciate it.

When it comes to college many students go through the same problems when trying to figure out how to pay. And lets be honest, college cost down right ridiculous. Especially for students in state.  You would think that going to a college that is 10-20 minutes away from home would be reasonable. Or many you’re going to a school 2-4 hours away. I not saying you should not have to pay for college but I feel as though paying 8-10 thousand a semester is too much. You shouldn’t have to take out loans for school if you are attending a college in state.  College student are known to have little to no money and have loans out for college that they are probably going to spend a majority of the beginning of their career trying to pay back. Isn’t the stress of trying to graduate and survive in college stress enough? Why should you have to also have the grey cloud of trying to finish paying for school in your mind too.

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