Vaccination Controversy

I was raised in an era when lines were usually wrapped around a building with whole families waiting to get thier vaccine shots.
In some instances, missing your shots could mean the difference in running and playing with your friends or lying cripple in a bed or if you were lucky wearing leg braces for the rest of you life, that is, if you survived the illness. As a young adult, it was unthinkable not to take your children to the clinic for their shots. Anyone that did not get their shots were automatically monitored for compliance. Yes, the children did get sick sometimes, but the negatives always were slim to none compared to the positives.
I recently completed several years working with the State of Tennessee as an Eligibility Specialist at a couple of Public Hospitals here in Memphis.
It appears, the makeup of multicultural residents have a lot to do with a lot of children not being vaccinated properly. We have a lot of residents that have migrated here from other countries, with minors that are not US citizens. As State employees, we could not make it a requirement for those children to have immunizations. One reason, they were not eligible for any Government Programs.
Hopefully the President’s Dream Act, will give more immigrants  the opportunity to better access to needed medical services for their school age, none U S born children.

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