We tend to blame the teachers for failing students and bad test scores. Various  governments tend to come down hard on the teachers, but is it really the teachers? Is our government wherever we are helping or hindering the students? Could it possibly be the government intervention that is hurting our school systems resulting in failing students? Are we enabling our students by making them believe they have learning disabilities or mental issues? Is it fair to base teachers pay on test scores? Have we asked the students what we could do to help improve their scores?Are we treating our students like criminals rather than children because of whats going on around us? Do parents need to be move involved or does it really matter? How can we help our teachers before we blame them? I believe we should start by asking them.

202 thoughts on “IS IT THE TEACHERS FAULT?

  1. I think some teachers have been in the teaching world so long that they are able to skate through on tenure teaching and grading how they want whether right or wrong. Teachers should be sent to a seminar and tested on there subjects and teaching skills every three of four years. Perhaps that will weed out the teachers who are teaching for the sole purpose of making sure students fail.

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    • If any student is failing in their exams and scoring low grades constantly then I think that is not completely the teachers’ fault. However, if good students and top scorers are getting low marks then it can be a teacher’s fault. These days it is really tough to study and manage so much academic workload with top grades and to solve that issue many educational institutes have started providing Assignment writing services to help students achieve the highest grades while knowing the subject deeply.

  2. I believe the problem with teachers and students with low test scores it that all children do not comprehend the same way. Children should be tested on learning styles, teachers should be tested on teaching styles and they both should be assigned to each other accordingly. Hopefully that will be of some use to both teachers and students.

  3. I do not believe the reason for low rest scores are all the teachers fault. there are many attributes that come in to play when it comes to this. Sure there are some teachers who are wanting to be more of a friend to the students rather than their teacher, but we also have students acting out and playing the teachers as fools which cause many distractions when they are trying to teach. These days it is as if teachers are basically having to “babysit” the students because they do not listen and want to behave. In my opinion that all starts at the home. If the parents to those children were more involved in their lives and their school work it would allow the teachers to fully do their job in which we are paying them to do. Also, I believe the board of educations are so worried about ACT scores that they are stopping most of the teachers to give practice ones everyday which are not allowing the students to be learning what all they need just what is going to be on the test. I have personally gone through this when I was in high school just 3 years ago. We would go to class and instead of opening our books and learning the information in them our teachers would just past out a practice ACT for that subject and then go over it and that was it. Sure the test is important for those wanting to get into college, but what about those students who are not planning on attending college and need the actual information from the books to be able to get a job and simply just needing to know about things other than choose A,B,C, or D.

  4. I think that it is motivational to base their pay off of their students test scores. The good teachers need raises and the bad teachers need an insentive to quite! I also do blame parents for the short comings of the children. Education is suppose to be jump started in the home. If a child is never nurished educationally at a young age teachers have very little to work with.

  5. I do think it is a little bit of both. There are some amazing teachers out there and there are some horrible ones. I don’t believe basing teachers pay (raises or what have you) on test scores is a realistic way of doing things. First, most schools (especially in SCS) have optional programs. This means most of the students with high testing scores are in one class,. The traditional classes are a wider range from advanced to those who can’t even recognize their letters. Of course the optional classes will have higher test scores than the traditional classes. The teachers in the optional classes also have more resources. They usually (but not always) have the parents that are more involved in the classroom and the school. These parents help the teacher out more and provide their personalized skills, time, and money to that class. You can see it in something as simple as the class holiday parties. Usually the optional classes have an abundance of parent helpers and food, candy, activities. It’s easier to do more when there are more adult bodies in the room.

    I work with a class of 1st graders (that are not in my own child’s class) to help them with reading and tutoring. And yes, there are 1st graders who can’t recognize their letters. But with common core, a teacher can’t move on until the whole class has mastered a skill. This makes it extremely difficult for teachers (and the more advanced students in the class). Already, only 2 years (maybe 3 if they went to preschool) into their education, there is HUGE gap between classes and there shouldn’t be. A lot of these kids, in 1st grade, have already learned how to cope with their lacking skills. I have one who can’t recognize a single letter but can comprehend a 3rd grade level book and then another who can’t read, can’t recognize their letters, and can’t comprehend but has learned that on most tests the longest answer in the right one. His test scores are way higher than they should be while the other one’s test scores are way lower than they should be. And the teacher is being judged based on both. These kids barely qualify as “proficient” by most testing scores and yet most of them aren’t at all.

    And it’s hard as a teacher to give each child the attention they need. Even divided into groups for most of there work (A being the highest group and C being the lowest academically) the range in these small groups is so vast the teacher has little time to actually teach anything that it feels like a waste – we know it’s not but when your kids (students) aren’t making the kind of progress you want and the system demands sometimes it feels hopeless and overwhelming. And on top of all this in the classroom work, there is the paperwork (and there is tons of it – were talking 3 pages of paperwork and 2 phones calls if a child falls in music class and that’s not even a bad fall). It’s ridiculous. We expect miracles out of our teachers and pay them peanuts and then penalize them for not matching the unrealistic standards of the system. None of the kids are being taught in a way that works (obviously from the low test scores) but we continue to burden down teachers so that it’s harder to teach in a way that works. In my opinion it’s a hot mess. I don’t know what the answer is (not that there is one perfect answer) but I do know if we don’t do something we’re going to lose a lot of amazing teachers and the students are going to fall further and further behind.

  6. I often hear the question, “is it the teacher’s fault?” when students fail. It seems the blame for a student’s failure is often placed on the teacher. Teachers also ask students to visti website for help in research paper. Blaming the teacher does not aid in fixing the problem.

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  15. I think that the reason why teachers and students with poor test scores struggle is because not all kids understand things in the same manner. Teachers and students should both take learning style tests, and then they should be matched up in accordance with the results. Hopefully, both teachers and students will find some use for that.

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