Abuse of Prescription Pain Killers in Memphis, TN

The state of Tennessee has a serious drug problem when it comes to abusing prescription pain killers. This is not only a drug problem in the state but a growing health concern across the Nation. According to a report from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, located in Atlanta, showed that Tennessee lead the nation with the most prescriptions for pain killer drugs than any other state. As well as Alabama. In Tennessee, the average pills to people is 143 to 100. Common pain killers are; Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen), Oxycontin (oxycodone), opana (oxymorphone), and methadone. Health Care providers wrote 259 million prescriptions for pain killers in 2012.Thats enough for almost every American over the age of 21 to have 1 full bottle of pain killers. 1 Full bottle is all a person needs to overdose on Pain killers. With the heavy movement of prescriptions being written for these common pain killers has increased the number of overdoses across the United States. Over 46 overdoses are reported daily across the U.S. due to the excessive use of pain killers. According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, 221,000 Tennessee Citizens over the age of 21 have used pain killers for non-medicinal purposes over the past year. 69,000 of these people are addicted and require treatment to recover. There needs to be more control on these addicting drugs. Databases need to be monitored more properly and proper examining of doctor’s repetition on pain killers prescriptions. Unused pain killers should be discarded properly by dissolving them, flushing them, or even distribute them to drug recycling companies. As of August hydrocodone combination pills were rescheduled from Schedule III to Schedule II due to the over prescribing across the nation and the amount of overdoses as well. Hopefully this has a positive affect on this topic.

127 thoughts on “Abuse of Prescription Pain Killers in Memphis, TN

  1. I did not know that Tennessee was number one in the country for having the most prescription pain killer drugs than any other state. That’s a fascinating statistic! I also didn’t know that over 46 overdoses are reported daily due to the abuse of pain killers. This is an eye opening account to the abuse of pain killers in not only our nation, but our community. I enjoyed reading your piece and think that there needs to be another alternative to reliving pain, rather than prescription pain killers that are so addictive.

  2. The abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol can damage a person health in the long run, and it is very important when a person know that they are abusing prescription drugs they should get help right away. one way to get help is to talk with your physician so he can help you to find a place where you can get help.


  3. I agree to what you saying about pain killers and how to causing problems for people over the age of 21. However, when you said the person needs to flsuh them down the tiolet, how would doctors know if they really are flushing them down and with this the person should have a docotor visit at least every twice weeks. Dealing with pain killers is a very serious thing

  4. You are absolutely right about how the people of our city abuse prescription drugs. It’s really sad that people find comfort in pain killers rather than just getting real help. It has been a big problem for a long time and it needs to stop. There should be a more strict way to go about giving certain people certain drugs because not all of them really need it.

  5. I agree with you but I’m going to take it a different way… what about teenagers that use their parent prescription drugs that the parent has left over in the cabinet. I think there should be more places for people to dispose of their meds properly so when they are done using them they don’t fall into the wrong hands. I think this is a very interesting topic.

  6. The best way to prevent this problem is for doctors to prescribe these drugs sparingly, but in some cases, they are overprescribed or stolen from pharmacies or nursing homes. Drug dealers sometimes use practice and called it Doctor Shopping to get multiple prescriptions. You can download fonts from https://masterbundles.com/fonts/script/brush/ source. That is why it’s important that prescribers check with their state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) before prescribing a controlled substance.

  7. Everything is bad when used in abusive dose. Even water can kill you if taken overly. I know many painkillers can make you can addict, so I always care about what I take.

  8. Good boy. As an MMA fighting athlete, I can tell you that there is a lot of traumatic experiences during the fight. So the doctor often prescribes me to buy injectable steroids to regrow muscle tissues and that means that the healing process will, hopefully, not be that long. So hopefully not painkillers.

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