Angry parents = Bad call

After reading an article title “SCS supt. Hobson to angry parents about weather decision: “Tough call” did not want to lose “opportunity for teaching and learning.”  I was shock by how many parent and comments were post.  Many of my facebook friends was upset and shock.  Here is one of my favorite comments so far :

” When your system includes schools from Millington to Collierville and you walk out on Hollywood and say , looks good to me, you got a problem. I thought this super was a Lawyer, obviously not. If there are any bus accidents today, I would hate to see what happens next. As far as these folks above, they obviously do not have children.”


I  believe that the schools should have been closed today.  there was no reason for the schools to be open.  There were over 132 reported accidents today because of a wintry mix.   It blows my mind that the schools were closed when there was nothing on the ground a month ago.  Some parents complained how it took over three hours to get their children to school.   I believe this was a bad call and a big mistake made by the school system.

220 thoughts on “Angry parents = Bad call

  1. I just have to say when the temps drop past a certain level they should close, due to flu season. On the other hand, parents should’ve taken it upon themselves to just keep their children home, because no one will care for your children the way you do.

  2. While working and driving in these unjustly conditions, concerns arise. Though as a parent or even a grown adult if you have concerns of your own and the safety of your children. Why not just stay home and blame it on the weather. Your ability to get your child to school in that type of weather would of been on you rather than calling in unfair.

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