Nevada county billing inmates by Michael Landey

  In Reno, Nevada the inmates are going to be subjected to receiving a bill for being incarcerated.  With this new found information the public is finding a lot of concerns but Nevada is insisting on this so it will cut down on the taxpayers of the state by at least millions of dollars a year.  The understanding of the incarcerated is that in jail 3 hots and a cot and one is able to make it through the punishment of one’s stupid mistake.  Nevada though is hoping to justify this situation by charging them  $6 a day for meals, $10 for each doctor visit and $5 for initial booking into the jail.  With this justification the presumed idea behind this is that it may cut down on the incarceration in this state.

There are major concerns with this such as the legal justification and what may conspire of this unpopular situation.  The most talked about concern with this situation is how these matters will be paid for.  Such as is the family of the incarcerated going to be billed or is this going to rely mainly on the inmate.  If this is going to billed to the family, what if the family is unable to pay for these expenditures?  If they are able to pay who say’s they want to pay?  The concern relies on the fact has this family been distraught with this new information or the possibility that they have been notified of this upcoming new bill.  If this is going to be justified by the inmate and they are going to have to work it off, will the employment of the inmate be justified by there just job.  Then there is the concern of the maximum security inmates who are unable to leave their cell at all unless under high security watch.

I have personally worked in the Corrections field in the military at Fort Leavenworth, Maximum Facility and 75% of the inmates incarcerated did work either in the kitchen, janitorial, or maintenance for the post.   Though with this employment that was to ensure there were no idle hands or minds, they were constantly staying busy.  Most of these inmates were banned by the family for their crimes they had committed and even by the public.  While the other 25% were on constant lock down and the only time they left their cell was for recreation and showers.  They constant supervision of these inmates because of either high risk infraction by other inmates or by them being on death row would never allow them to be subjected to an employment status allowing them to pay off these new found expenditures.

24 thoughts on “Nevada county billing inmates by Michael Landey

  1. It seems like a good idea to make the inmates pay for their stay in jail because there are people in prisons, today, to simply get them off the streets. It seems like a good idea to give them jobs within the prison so they can pay their own stay in prison, and not make taxpayers for it.
    I realize that some inmates don’t leave their cell often, but for the ones who do this could work.

  2. I think it is a decently good idea. While I agree that prisoners should have to pay for their meals, it raises a question for me. If a prisoner has been incarcerated since they were in their early teens, would they be able to pay for 40+ years of meals?
    For 40 years of meals, It would cost $87,360.
    (40 Years X 52 Weeks X 7 Days X $6) If you factor in 3 doctors visits a year for 40 years, it comes out to $88,560. Although I think inmates should have to pay for their stay, I do not know how someone who was arrested at 18 years of age that stays imprisoned for 40 years would be able to pay it back by the end of their lifetime. Having a felony charge would make it very tough to get a job. I think the prison should institute a form of work (such as what you mentioned at Ft. Leavenworth) where the inmates have jobs working in the kitchen or janitorial services. If the Inmates were to do $42.58 worth of work every week (5.87 hours at $7.25/hr), they would be able to pay off their debt to the prison. I think the prison should make the prisoners work at least the amount of hours it would take for the prisoner to “pay off” their bill if they were actually being paid for their services. The prisoner wouldn’t receive a check for $42.58, but each week they worked their minimum amount of hours, their total owed for their stay would decrease by $42.58.

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  4. The program, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2009, began last week at the county jail. The new policy requires that all inmates be issued a bill upon release from jail and that they pay it within 30 days or face penalties that include garnishment of wages and property liens on their homes or vehicles. I have to read article so that I could get help in my essay timely.

  5. If you have been charged with a crime, finding work will be an extremely difficult task for you. I believe that the offenders at octodle the facility should be given the opportunity to participate in some type of employment, similar to what is offered at Fort Leavenworth, such as positions in the prison’s food or cleaning services.

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