Commericalizing Southern food and music

So many times I have heard that the southern way of living is so out of whack and so behind the times. It is so ironic that some people feel this way because several things that have been commercialized to the mainstream audience has come from the south. Certain foods have been advertised and placed on the national scale. Popeye’s and KFC are two major fast food restaurants that originated in the south that have been franchised all over the country. I have travelled to other states that were not in the south and I have seen both of these restaurants. Popeye’s commercials keeps the originality of its birthplace by having the band playing in the background but why are people running to Popeye’s if it is supposed to be so country and behind the time. Even the dish shrimp and grits originates from the Louisiana and it has been placed on fine dining restaurant menus. These overpriced restaurants try seem as though this dish did  not come from the south. They are trying to glamorize it and make it seem as something brand new.  It is funny to me that the south has come up with so many popular dishes or restaurants that have gone mainstream but people still will not accept the south into the rest of the nation. Whenever I am watching the food network channel with my mother, she always says to me I do not know how these people on this network have made it this far because what they are doing has already been done years ago. She always says my mother used to make this or  make that when I was little now television wants to make it seem as though it is their idea when really people in the south have been doing what their doing for many years.

Music is another thing that has gone mainstream. There are numerous amounts of famous music artists that are well-known by this country and they are born and raised in the South. Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Justin Timberlake and Elvis Presley are well-known entertainers from the south. These artists have sold countless amounts of albums but people still remain to believe that the south does not bring anything to the table for the country. When these artists went mainstream it was as if the rest of the country forgot where these singers originate from. Even the popular television show American Idol primarily has contestants that are from the south. Once they narrow it down to the top 10 most of the contestants are southerners. Even most of the winners for each season are southerners. Is this really a coincidence? I think that this country loves to hear southern people sing but they will not admit that the southern region has contributed a lot. Carrie Underwood is one of the most successful southern winner from American Idol. She has won several awards and she is even the star of the upcoming Broadway show The Sound of Music.


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