Abandoned and Broken in the South: Urban and Rural Decay (Photo Essay)

This building is in the center of downtown Oakland, Fayette County.

Broken Windows

Inside the unused building in Oakland.

Furniture store in Fayette County destroyed by a fire.

The extent of the damage from the fire forced the owners to leave everything. Nothing was salvageable. Even computers are still in the back office.

I’m not sure what kind of frame or picture this once was, but I loved that you can still read “Memphis” under all the soot.

Eads Elementary School has not been used in many years. There are still desks, chairs, school supplies, and a piano inside. It was also used as a clinic at one point.

Graffiti is often on most abandoned or vacant buildings.

The Sterick Building or “Queen of Memphis” downtown was completed in 1929 and cost nearly $3 million dollars to build. It opened right before the Depression and unfortunately went bankrupt. It has been vacant since 1987.

Homeless people in Memphis have been known to take shelter in the Sterick Building.

29 stories of the Sterick Building

Empty retail space in downtown Memphis. I loved the random toys. A few teddy bears and a mannequin head.

The Tennessee Brewery was built in 1890 and was once home to the Memphis Brewing Company. However, it has been closed since 1954.

The Brewery is still for sale if anyone is interested!

There were plans to turn the old Brewery into a museum or a condo, but they fell through.

“Invest in Good Times.” The Tennessee Brewery is filled with graffiti inside and out.

Graffiti inside the Brewery.

On top of one roof of the Brewery.

This is a view of the Mississippi River and the old bridge from one roof of the Tennessee Brewery.

The Mississippi River from the top roof of The Tennessee Brewery.

The Marine Military Hospital opened in 1884, but has not been used as a hospital in over 40 years. Today, it is known for being the most haunted place in Memphis, for obvious reasons. It has many buildings, one of which is now a Metal Museum.

Built in 1911, the old police station in downtown Memphis has been vacant for 30+ years.

The grand opening of the Sears Tower was in 1927. It is 650,000 square feet! There have been rumors about turning it into an apartment complex. It has been vacant since 1996.

Abandoned home near Highway 64 and 385.

Fayette County, TN hopeless and abandoned house.

The James Lee House is such a beautiful and unique structure. It was built in 1848 and has been vacant for 50 years, but while taking this photo I found out that it has been sold! The new owners have plans to make the house into a bed and breakfast.



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