The “M” Stands for Something

This is the new redesigned basketball court for the University of Memphis Tigers inside of the FedEx Forum.

This is another welcome sign out front of the visitor’s center on Elvis Presley.

This picture is welcoming people to Memphis, entering from Southaven, Mississippi. It is a huge vinyl record.

This is located in front of the Visitor’s center entering Memphis.

This is located on the ramp of Airways. It is the Memphis bridge, outlined with blue lights and the letters of Memphis spelled in front.

This is a picture of the newly renovated Memphis International Airport.

This is a store located on Elvis Presley Blvd. It sells low price Memphis paraphernalia.

This is located on Beale Street.

This is a store downtown on Beale Street.

This is downtown at the Mississippi River. The M shaped ridge leads to Arkansas.

This is located on the median of Parkway. It is a flower bed in the shape of an M.

This is on the lawn of the University of Memphis, outside of the University (UC) Center.

This wall is located directly behind Urban Outfitters on Central.-

This is at the four way stop of Patterson, and Zach Curlin. This is at the University of Memphis.

This is at the University of Memphis, perpendicular to the library.

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