Why Are African Americans in Their Position in Society?

What is race? Why do we as human beings have to be placed in certain categories even though we are all human? I all go back to money. Most people do not know that race is socially constructed. As we were growing up, we were taught that different races have a huge biological difference; which is not true. According to history, America’s structure was built on different racist acts. When you set a structure for something that is the way it is going to continue to be. Slavery is a perfect example. During slavery many African American lives were destroyed which made it hard for them to create wealth for their descendants. I feel like this is something everyone should know and understand. What people fail to realize is that everything that happened during slavery happens in today’s society, modern day slavery is what I like to call it. I always figured that we had modern day slavery but I did not know how closely related it is to the older days. Back then when slavery was legal, black women were forced to sleep with multiple men. Now in society we see black women sleeping with multiple men, I feel like that is all the black society knows. I also feel like blacks have been hearing stereotypes about themselves so much that they have started to believe it is true and act it out. As we all can see, blacks have not assimilated and I do not think we will ever assimilate. Today we mostly see institutional racism instead of individual racism, which is something most people don’t see. It’s all about seeing the strange in the familiar. People look to the media for everything. The different stereotypes have been proven wrong in many cases. This should teach a lot of people how to not believe everything they see on TV or what they hear because that feed more into stereotypes. People should start researching on their own. One of the biggest mistakes in the African American communities is that most do not learn from history. Growing up as a young black woman and having freedom to go to whatever college I want to go was not the way life use to be. I feel like if people knew their history more and learn from it, then the world would be a little better than it is today. So many people take things for granted that should be cherished.

2 thoughts on “Why Are African Americans in Their Position in Society?

  1. First, let me warn you that nothing I say is fact… like your blog, I am speaking from judgment and knowledge obtained from classes at OUR school.

    Race is a social construct formed by early Europeans to separate themselves from those they were controlling. The term “White” refers to a ‘race’ that was taught to us as one of purity, holiness, and overall superiority. It did not start with Blacks, nor was it our choice to live in separate (often demeaning) conditions. While I do agree that society could improve if we had an understanding and appreciation of our history, I do not feel like we can be put to blame for society’s condition for our lack of such. We, as people descended from other countries, have been taught aspects from a Euro-centric core of beliefs and ideals. In grade school, we are taught more about others that we are about ourselves. During slavery, cases like this were purposed in an aim to weaken whole races. Now, our constant thoughts of others and what they are doing preoccupy us more than what we could be doing. While I do agree we have failed to flourish into our own, even once we do there will be no assimilation until segregation ceases as a whole. We still have ‘hoods’, ‘projects’, ‘white schools’, and universities deemed almost off limits like Ole Miss. It’s not totally our fault.

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