My Sweetheart: paying a debt

I am very enthused to be giving my story on this blog. although this is my first time blogging, I am excited. My sweetheart and I have been dating for seven years. We have an awesome almost one year old daughter on October 4, 2013. He feels like I can not tell him any different about him & his musical career. He is an up and rising artist/writer/ rapper. Don’t get me wrong I truly am happy for him. I do not want to take away anything from him but he is the one that has made it and I feel as if he does not owe anyone anything who did not help him get there. He always says “Don’t worry about it.” or “I don’t know about how they played a specific part in his life on his come up.” The way I see it is he started out in our living room of our home, no one else’s. No one but his immediate family which is: sisters, brother-in-law, mother, and I are the only one’s that traveled with him, saw him grit and grind, helped him, gave him our last, risked getting no sleep for the loud sound of his studio in our home, etc. None of his friends except maybe three have been along for the rough risky ride. His stage name is Young Gwola. He is good, but he does not owe a debt to society or his high school friends unless they were there then and now not just showing up because he posted on Facebook he has a meeting with Atlantic Records this weekend.  Whose to say that he will sign any type of a contract with anyone yet.? He may just be outweighing his options to see how he can expand and how far he will go. I know people show up when people they know have money, but I am very uncomfortable with him making promises already as if he has signed anything to try and rebuild these so called “friends” lives and take care of them. He does not owe them anything but support and advice on how to get where he has gotten. He has been doing shows for free since he has started, most people would not do that but he saw that as his internship opportunity to get his credentials up and make his name for himself become known. Just reminds me of Hustle and Flow so much to the point I stressed that to him. He made it on his own like he is the Ludacris and the “new people” are Cuba Gooding. I just wish he would listen to me and sit down and analyze what he is telling these people who approach him expecting him to make a change for them because they attended Southside High school together. Once he realizes that he does not owe anyone anything except for maybe the ones that has truly been by his side supporting him since day one then he and I will be just fine. This is a link to one of his videos:

Hope you like it.


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  3. My former lover’s debt can never be paid. He brought me so much grief and suffering. But after I studied the issue of divorce and filed documents, it became easier for me to breathe. I don’t need him to return his debt, I just need him to no longer bring me further suffering.

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