Working Collaboratively and Project-Based Funding

Speakers: Keri Brondo (Anthropology), Donal Harris (English), and Melanie Conroy (World Languages and Literatures)

Drs. Keri Brondo, Donal Harris, and Melanie Conroy discuss digital humanities projects that are far along as well as funding opportunities.

Dr. Keri Brondo discusses her collaborative project with students to create a documentary-like film interviewing elders of Utila island, an English-speaking island in Central America. Using Skype to virtually connect students with partners on Utila as well as on-ground fieldwork led to data which were analyzed using MAXQDA software. This project was awarded the CCC Grant.

Dr. Donal Harris discusses funding opportunities like the NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant. Digital Humanities Now is a great website for finding collaborative work and funding and advertise grants for specific projects or specific purposes such as the creation of a website or pubic outreach.

Dr. Melanie Conroy discusses the shift in digital humanities from larger NEH funded projects to smaller locally funded projects. In terms of getting started, it is helpful to look at previously funded projects to see whether they are looking for collaborators or whether you could use data from already funded projects in a project that is just starting. Now that so many projects are in advanced stages, it is more important than ever to provide a proof of concept and have a team of collaborators before seeking funding.

Summary and video by Claire Yasmin Khokhar

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