Project Description

“Provence rose (Rose Centifolia),” from Les Roses (The Roses), Paris: 1817 by Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Hand-colored stipple engraving. Coveting Nature exhibition.

Botanophilia Correspondences during the Revolutionary Era is inspired by Roger Lawrence Williams’s work Botanophilia in Eighteenth-Century France (2001), where he analyzes the rising interest of botany from both the scientific and aesthetic perspectives during the French Enlightenment. I am going to take this approach a step further by delving into transnational correspondences throughout Europe during the shift between the Enlightenment and Romanticism. By doing so, we will have a better understanding of how savants perceive the natural world and how it played an important role in national identity.

Since this is an interdisciplinary project, I am open to collaborating with other scholars in fields including, but not limited to, history, literature, philosophy, and environmental studies.

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