The Job Interview

Great news!  You have gotten an interview!  Your happiness suddenly leads to panic as you wonder what you will be asked………..

It would be nearly impossible to create a unit that encompasses the answers to all of the questions that could potentially be asked on a job interview.  But I am going to do my best to share a few tips as well as questions and appropriate answers.

Tips for the day of the interview:

  • Dress for Success!  We have already covered the best way to dress for your interview.  As a reminder, it is appropriate to dress business casual (which does not mean in jeans or t-shirts) for most retail and food service entry-level positions.   In the event that you should score an interview with a company that is more formal, like a bank, it is likely that you should invest in a suit.
  • Be Early!  Arrive ten minutes early for the interview.  It will demonstrate your time management skills better than anything you could possibly say.  While you may have to wait a few minutes it will give you some time to focus on the task at hand.
  • Firm Handshake!  It is important to offer the person who will be interviewing you a  handshake.  Use your right hand, and use a firm but not bone crushing grip
  • Maintain eye contact!  By maintaing eye contact your answers will appear more truthful to the person who is interviewing you. In addition, eye contact is a great way to showcase your confidence.
  • Smile!  Everyone wants to work with someone who is happy and likable.
  • Use the person’s name!  The perfect way to greet the person who is interviewing you is by using their name.
  • Don’t lie!  It is likely that your potential employer will find out very quickly if you have lied about your experience or abilities.


Likely Questions:

Q.  Tell me about yourself

A.  Thank you for asking!  Currently, I am getting ready to enter my Senior year at Central High School.  My plans are to continue to focus on business studies and to continue participating in track, DECA, and volunteering with my church youth group.  After graduation next year my plans are to attend the University of Memphis to study business.

Tip:  This is not to tell your life story!  Use your experiences and goals to demonstrate that you are a good candidate for the position you are applying for.

Q.  What did you apply for our company?

A.  There is no place that I would rather work than Taco Bell!  While I have eaten almost every single item on your menu, my favorite item by far is the Dorito Taco Supreme!

Tip:  Use your answer to show that you know about the products that the company sells and how much you enjoy them.

Q.  Do you know what we do at our company?

A.  Certainly I do not know everything, but before the interview I spent some time researching the company on the internet.  In addition I have observed employees greeting customers, stocking shelves, and serving as cashiers during my past visits to Target!

Tip:  Google the company before the interview.  Visit the company and spend some time observing what the current employees are doing. 

Q.  Do you have any work experience?

A.  For the past two years I have babysat and volunteered as a Sunday School teachers assistant.  Both of these experiences have taught me to be punctual, polite, and professional.  Each of the people that I have babysat for have referred me to their friends too.  The teacher of the Sunday School has increased my responsibilities over time.  In fact, when she goes on vacation it is my responsibility to be the teacher.

Tip:  Even if you have not had a formal job, find a way to use your skills and experience to answer the question.  The idea is to increase the employers confidence in you!

In my opinion the interview isn’t over until you have written a thank you note to the person who interviewed you.  Use a plain note card or send the interview a quick note to thank them for their time and to express you interest once again.  It is important to use formal language when you are thanking the interviewer.

A good example of a thank you note is as follows:

Dear Mr. Charles Carner,

Thank you very much for interviewing me for the crew memeber position at McDonalds.  As shared in the interview, I am really excited about bringing my customer service skills to the fast food industry.  Thank you very much for spending your time interviewing me today.


Vernice Walters

A bad example of electronic communication is as follows:

Charlie–It was fun interviewing at McDonald’s LOL.  I am x-cited that i might b able to get food 4 free.  Can you text me back and tell me if i got the job? : )



Pretend that you have interviewed for a position at Kroger. Please develop your own answers to the four questions above as well as any six questions from the list below.

  •  What are your favorite classes?
  • What are your favorite subjects?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Do you like your high school?
  • Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?
  • Why are you looking for a job?
  • Are you okay working nights and weekends?
  • If your teachers were here, what would they say about you?
  • Are you planning on going to college after you graduate?
  • Do you know what you want to study?
  • How comfortable are you doing X task? (answering phones, talking to  customers, etc.)

In addition to the interview questions, please prepare a thank you note for the interview.  Please submit all of your answers in a word document.


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