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Theatre & Dance to present digital rendering lecture

The University of Memphis Department of Theatre & Dance will team up with San Diego State University’s Department of Theatre, Television, and Film to present a 90-minute Zoom lecture on digital rendering on Tuesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. CST.
Jen Gillette, Assistant Professor of Costume Design with the Department of Theatre & Dance,  will co-present this lecture alongside Charles Murdock Lucas, Associate Professor of Scenic Deign at San Diego State University.
“When Murdock and I gave a version of this lecture at USITT a few years ago, we were surprised to learn how few universities are teaching digital painting for theatrical design,” Gillete said. “He and I have made it our mission to share what we do as widely as possible, both because we believe in the capacity of the tools and because we want interested students to know where to find us.”
Gillete and Murdock will discuss the basics of getting set up for digital painting, including selecting hardware and software that works for a participant’s design needs and budget. They will also instruct participants on the way to set up documents for creation according to their respective disciplines, as scenic designers use the software differently than costume designers.
“We will demonstrate some techniques that show the power of these tools and its ability to mimic traditional media forms like watercolor and pencil sketching,” Gillete said. “In addition to sharing some of our own professional work, each of us have student work we’d like to show off. Finally, we’ll try to leave some time for Q&A.”
The lecture will be hosted by the CSU Design Forum and is free. To join this lecture, click here.

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