Planning for the future

The University of Memphis Mission to TT16 is preparing to get back into action after a State Department travel warning spoiled out ability to work last winter. The Travel warning was lifted months ago, and things in Egypt are calmer than they have been in a while, so we are going ahead with an application to the new Ministry of State for Antiquities to continue our work in TT16. Work this winter will include some conservation assessments, further cleaning of the fill in the tunnel, and analysis of the human remains. It is a small working area so we really only have a few people digging at one time, but we have completed clearing nearly 50%  of the tunnel. Looking in from our last locus we can see many more broken human remains, mummy wrappings, and artifacts. Since all the material we have excavated so far was looted in modern times (perhaps early to mid 20th century) we expect the rest of the tomb to be the same.

This photo is typical of what the floor surface of the tunnel looks like.

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