Post Season Analysis

Our 2017 season is over and now the analysis begins.

We completed clearing the corridor of the looted secondary burials so once the analysis is complete we will have a demographic profile of who was buried in the tomb.  So far, from previous seasons, we have individuals from all age groups. The most common pathology is arthritis, and we have documented several interesting abnormalities including concha bulosa, hydrocephalus, and a possible case of rickets.

While we do our data crunching, I will leave you with a few photos from this year.

The team works on cleaning a mummified torso for examination.

Faience beads are a common find in the tomb. They may have come from a bead net that shrouded a mummy.

Small metal tools that may have been used in embalming process

Some of the team members went on a hot-air balloon that took us over the area of the tomb at dawn.  It was quite a lovely experience.

The red circle is where the tomb is.

Early morning Deir el Bahari and Ramesseum