About the Team

Our lab focuses on two major domains (sometimes our studies overlap those areas and sometimes they don’t – think of a Venn diagram) with the ability to ‘branch out’ from those areas.

The masculinity side of lab focuses primarily on examining masculinity ideologies, precarious manhood, and connections to a range of attitudes and interpersonal behaviors. Most recently, we’ve included endorsing a rigid view of traditional masculinity in our study of variables connected to conspiracy mentality and support for anti-democratic behavior.
The health side of the lab focuses on a variety of health-related topics such as HIV, chronic illness, and gendered issues around medical procedures. Currently, we’re developing a study on injured athletes and – in one of  those Venn diagram moments – connecting it to how masculinity is ‘policed’ by fans and if there are race differences in the level of gender policing.

Research team members can choose to participate in one or both lines of research depending on their interests. There are plenty of opportunities for collaborating with team members on ongoing projects or beginning new ones.

We’re happy to share more about our lab; feel free to contact any of the members!