Shebly County Teachers Strike

In Memphis, TN Shelby county teachers are speaking on taking a strike. Several of the teacher feel they are under paid for the work and responsibility they are involved in on a daily basis. News channel 3 interviewed some people to gather their thoughts on teachers taking a strike.  I was one of the parents they interviewed. They news cast ask me what where my thoughts about it and I told them” I absolutely disagree with the decision of taking a strike against the school board for higher wages..

I do agree that our teachers are extremely under paid. Teachers deserve better than still having to have a summer job to make ends meet. I feel that many of teachers go the extra mile for our children. I think they should come up with another way to get what they deserve. Going on strike will affect our children. It is no time frame on how long you will be on strike, so every day that a class is not being taught is another day of delaying our child from the proper education needed. Our children are our future why do we want to damage that?

I am a strong believer that all people signing up for a job such as teaching should not be in it for the money. There should be a passion for a job as teaching. It was already understood the pay for a teacher when applying for the job. So why demand a raise? I am not saying “never ask for a raise” but I don’t think it should get taken that far to deprive our kids of their future due to greediness.

Some people may disagree with my opinion. I’ve heard many people say strikes having been going on for decades and it’s the best way to get a point across. I’ve even read papers and articles stating that the school teachers should have been took this action when the Memphis police department received a raise years ago. Shelby county school teachers I’ve spoken to have not yet decided if they’re going to participate but do think they deserve a raise for their role in helping society by educating,.

So far the teachers of Shelby County have not started to strike. The teachers striking will cause a lot of ciaos. From not enough teachers in a classroom to shutting down the schools and the children getting really behind. Schools have already been shut down because of falling scores and it will be horrible for many others to shut down because of a strike. I truly believe many of the teachers that are planning to participate in the strike are the ones that are not teaching our children as the signed up to do.

I’ve listened to many people decision on this matter and so far I haven’t been persuaded that a strike is the very best and last effort to higher our teacher’s wages. Have anything else been done before this action? This is just the wrong thing to do to our children! I really hope this “strike thing” blows over because I would hate to see the day money overcomes teaching our children of Shelby County.

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By:Treniece Lipford