Non Profit Organizations and the Government

It seems to me that the government is often relying on non profit organizations to take care of the city. Yes, non profits are there to serve the people, but shouldn’t the government try and pitch in also? For example, in Memphis there are many homeless and needy people, but the city council doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Yea, there are food stamps, and things of that nature, but we can do better than that. How much money does the government have stashed away somewhere? Non profits are busting their butts in order to make this world a better place. They are providing food and shelter for the homeless, care for disaster victims, and not to mention St. Jude Research Hospital.

I just think that our government could do better. Yes, the mayor may be advertising that he is helping, but is he actually falling through with his words, and if he is then is it just an act for the city of Memphis or is it true kindness? That’s the thing with politicians, we never can tell if they are truly and honestly good people because on TV it just looks like an act because of the scroll they are reading. If politicians really did what they advertise on TV then this world wouldn’t be so unbearable, but the truth is that not many people adhere to their promises.

There are so many people in need, and the non profit organizations can’t do it by themselves. Either the government needs to help also, or the need to assist the non profits. There are people who are trying to help, but they can’t around the rules and regulations that the government had put forth. Give us some slack!!  If the government really cared, and if they really wanted to have successful non profit organizations, then they would pitch in more that they are.

Also, I believe that drug testing for food stamps is a fantastic idea. There are people on welfare that really and truly do not need to be receiving government assistance. The money that those people are stealing could go to someone who really is in need. Just because you are to lazy to work does not mean that you should get government assistance! There are people trying to get back on their feet, but the world keeps knocking them back down. They are the type of people that need a little extra assistance.Just give them a little to help get them back on their feet. I just believe that the money that we are wasting on some people should go to the non profits to help real people in need.

With all of this being said, I just very well believe that the government could do a better job in helping out the non profits and the needy. They could use an extra lift, or less rules and regulations. Instead of being in their pockets, they should be withdrawing government assistance from others who don’t even need it.