Vaccinations & Autism

Over a period of time parents have believed that vaccinations increase their child’s chance of having Autism. According to Rob Ring the Chief Officer of Autism Speaks he states “The clear results of research indicate that vaccines do not cause Autism. We urge all children to be fully vaccinated.”  As a parent I have no issue with my child being vaccinated. During my childhood it was never up for debate if being vaccinated was an option. We were required to have certain vaccinations at different ages, even in the instance of completing admissions to a college or university you have to submit a record of vaccination. On blog there are parents who have children with autism, they don’t blame the disorder on vaccinations most of them state their children where born that way.  All parents should want their children to be to be vaccinated to help prevent a number of illnesses. Vaccinations not only protect us from many things they also tell things we need to know about our bodies and blood types, parents should want to be aware of these things. In my own opinion I don’t understand why some parents are pro non-vaccination if they have children interacting with children who are vaccinated. Those types of parents should keep their children away from vaccinated children. Who knows what types of germs or other airborne illnesses are able to be spread by a non-vaccinated individual. This attitude almost comes across as a prejudice but there should be no limits in keeping the local community and the rest of the society healthy. Vaccinations are needed, they are more helpful than harmful.  Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions about healthcare and vaccinations I believe everyone should at least be required to have the vaccines that government requires especially if they participate in activities outside of  their homes for the well being of themselves and society.