Regulating Food Stamps

This topic is always on my mind when it comes to the government and public issues. I know there are many government assisted aids being handed out, but one that strikes a nerve sometimes is Food Stamps. Do I think people go through rough times and need food stamps? Absolutely! Do I think many people take advantage of it? Even More!! My intentions are very innocent in stating my opinion. So, I think the government should crack down on regulating peoples food stamps. I used to work for Kroger in high school and I can’t tell you the number of people who come through my line paying with food stamps. The number of people on food stamps is so high that it hurts our economy more than we know. I think there are people who need help with buying groceries, but it is when I saw people come in with over $900 balances every month. I always thought, this number is outrageous. What is the government doing to help these people to stop being dependent on so much? Maybe the government should decrease their amount every year. I think some people need some kind of initiative to help them move towards not being on Food Stamps. I know from experience that people become dependent on government and have no motivation to try and work because they know our government will back them up. I know people who get EBT cash that is suppose to be for bills and necessary things, but get cash back and go right to buying cigarettes. I know people who sell their food stamps and don’t think twice about it. It saddens me because I genuinely want the best for people, but sometimes it can irk me when I see people do things like I have mentioned. Now, I know all people do not abuse their stamps, but all I want is for it to be regulated. I believe that regularly drug tests should be forced on the recipients who sign up for the food stamps. I would rather know my tax money is going to people who really need it than people who will abuse it. Again, I know there are people, especially with kids, who need this benefit, but I just want it to be regulated a little more and for people to not become dependent on it for their entire lives.