Kansas State House Passes Bill Allowing Refusal of Services to Same-Sex Couples

When initially seeing the title of this article, I thought for sure this could not real, a practical joke at most. I clicked the article and began to read and I was in disbelief. On Tuesday, Kansas State House advanced a bill aimed at granting public and private employees the right to deny services, including unemployment benefits and foster care, to same-sex couples on the basis of religious freedom. The bill must pass a final House vote, which would occur today, and then go on to Senate (Huffington Post). After reading this line, I had no choice but to read further. The article was absolutely absurd to me to say the least. As a people, I think we have taken things a bit too far. Ones sexual orientation should not infringe upon the rights they have as a human being. This is discrimination at its finest. The bill is basically saying that public and private employees have the right to deny services to homosexuals based on their personal religious beliefs. I myself am a Christian believer, and although I am not in agreeance with homosexuality, I do not think I have the right to deny a HUMAN BEING any services because their sexual orientation does not line up with my religious beliefs. That is like denying someone services because they are wearing orange, but blue is your favorite color. It makes no sense and I am appalled that this bill was even taken seriously. I happen to be very close to quite a few homosexual families, and even they are infuriated by this although it does not directly affect them. This is discrimination at it’s finest. I cannot believe at this day in age, we are willing to stoop so low as to nearly exile a group of people because we do not agree with the way they live their life. What people choose to do in their everyday lives should not matter to anyone else but them unless they are directly affecting others. So what if you do not agree with who they choose as their partner, it makes no difference. Since we want to talk about religious beliefs, are Christians not called to a higher standard? Any religion for that matter. We as people are called to love one another, regardless of what you believe or who you pray to.  I cannot take part or side with any part of this article, or the state of Kansas for even creating and potentially passing a such bill. Same-sex couples should be awarded the same privileges, protections, and services as any other person. They are still people, they eat just like we eat, they drink live we drink, they breathe like anyone else breathes, so why in the world would you deny them what they should be rightfully given, which is freedom to love who they want to love, because their sexuality does not line up with your beliefs. People really need to grow up and face the music that everyone is not the same. Discrimination hurts, and if I lived in the state of Kansas, I would be disgusted with the idea that I could possibly loose service opportunities because of my sexual orientation.