Chyra Miller Transportation in the City

In the city of Memphis there are several different tourists, college students, interns, and many more who partake in different events within and around the city. One of the major problems here in the city are  the lack of transportation systems.  The traffic is ongoing throughout the day, which makes it difficult for some drivers to maneuver throughout the city.  The government should provide more transportation systems that are suitable pertaining to the type of vehicle that is being operated such as motorcyclists, bikers, truckers, and regular motor vehicles. The attention should be more focused on the local roads and building new ones than opposed to constantly working on the Interstate. Implementing this idea will cause less traffic jams and vehicular accidents. There is not a sufficient amount of bus routes in the city. I am not from Memphis, but the time I have been here I have witnessed the jammed traffic day in and day out, and  the many vehicular accidents due to not having enough accessible transportation routes. Yes, true enough the city has been building new routes but they are only for the purpose of the Interstate. If the intercity roads were to be built and worked on as much as the Interstate this would lessen the load of traffic  by allotting the time that  vehicular operators emerge onto the Interstate the traffic would flow smoothly without the constant hassle. This implementation very well may not make a heap of difference, but I imagine it would be a bit of help.