Gay marriage law controvery

In today’s new you hear about how gay marriage may finally be legal. On the hand you hear of how these same people are beat and even murdered for being who they are. People should have the same rights as anybody else, except if you are different you don’t seem to deserve the same rights as what other people think. People are so caught on religion that they forget that gays and trans are people too with feels and families. Just cause somebody don’t fit in your mold that doesn’t mean they deserve to die, beaten, or even to be considered second class citizens. Religion plays a big part of this and I think it is great the government is finally becoming unbiased to the issues of gay marriage. Religion doesn’t have a place in the government. There is many people who use religion as a reason for gays not to be married, but in all honesty you cannot pick and choose things from the bible. One thing the bible does say is that only God has the right to judge people and not other people to judge for him. We as a people need to be more accepting of differences because that is what can make us strong in the long run. If you think about it having children before marriage, cohabitating, and picking your own suitor was considered taboo, but look at us now. We as society do this now and this gay marriage law is just another one of those points in history that we have to pass though. Another point in history is when Africans were enslaved. Back then people did horrible things to them and believed that they didn’t deserve rights, but look how far we as society have come. We look back on this situation and think how horrible and why would people do these things. Well the same question is why are people so against gays having right and don’t give a religion believe because that is picking and choosing from the bible when it suits you. Another question is why do people think gays and trans deserve to die because they are different? Just like how in history people treat women, blacks, and many more people harshly for being different from their social norm. In the long run gay marriage is a public interest. The thing is will the public take things to extreme to show that gays don’t deserve the right like our past history. Will we look back on this topic with disgust at how we treated gays and trans or will we learn from the past and pick a different way? In all this gay marriage law can help us as a nation and as a individual as well.