My concerns are How can the Public Administration apart of the riches countries? The United States are letting Families starving of lack of food, dying of male nutrient, having very little to eat or going to bed hungry. No one seem to care or chose to close their eyes and turn a death ear to the cries of the working poor, unemployed, low wage workers, disabled, retirees, social security recipients, children and our Veteran’s. Maybe, people are still stereotyping those Who get Food Stamps? According to w.w.w. : Did you know the largest recipient of food stamp beneficiaries are White Children? Did you know that the overwhelming majority of Working-Able food stamp recipients work Full time or Part time? Did you know that the Disabled and Senior Citizens make up a large percentage of food stamp beneficiaries? And that 76% of SNAP Benefits go toward Household with Children? Did you know a majority of food stamp beneficiaries use the program for just 6 months and that the rate of fraud in the program is less than 1 percent? I bet you didn’t know and if you did, I bet you chose to ignore it. Because it went against your common but very false misconception that people on food stamps are lazy, unemployed, drug-addicted welfare queens living and leeching off the teat of responsible taxpayers. I know this is to be true because I heard it so many times.
The House and Senate Republicans are pushing America to another war in the Middle East, At the same time, Republicans are cutting Billions from food stamps.That’s let me know where their priority are. Food Stamps are being cut by 15% meanwhile billions of dollars in subsidies and Tax Breaks for oil companies still exists. It’s seem like the rich is for themselves. “The truth is out there-Look” “First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps. People become eligible for food stamps. The initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me. Rep. Paul Ryan says, “sure, we cut food stamps today, but we’re saving $40 billion. Isn’t paying off 0.25% of the national debt worth letting 3.8 million people starve to death? Really, letting 3.8 million people starve to death is better than paying off 0.25% of national debt. Is that even logical thinking? His family weren’t counted in the deaths.