Colorado rejects Right-to-Die legislation

Colorado just denied the right to an assisted death. Many who are at the end of their fight with a terminal illness, would rather take matters into their own hands. The opposing side argues that these people are playing God, and not letting fate take control.

This topic came into the forefront several months ago, when an Oregon women, Brittany Maynard, decided she would end her life after suffering from brain cancer. This in currently lawful in five states: Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Colorado was attempting to become the sixth state, only until legislation decided not to pass it.

Many people find this topic to be very black and white. The role of God is something many people do not want anyone to play. Stem cell research and abortion are among several other controversial topics. The question for Colorado was not if it was right or wrong, but fear of how this could be taken advantage of.

Legislation’s biggest question was focused on the patient and what all they could do to prevent family members from abusing this power. They also did not want a patient to use this simply because of depression. In many cases depression is just a season and not a lifetime. The consideration taken by the state is important because you are dealing with human lives and would not want anyone to commit suicide simply because the option is available. Instead, the state would want this decision to be done in the best interest of the individual and their well-being.

I cannot imagine being in a position where this option seemed to be the best. For me to openly say that I have a right to choose how others live is not right. I do not know enough about this topic and what view I do support. Based on individual cases, I could understand the desire. I do not feel it is right, but who am I to tell someone that by law they must continue suffering? Especially when I have never been in the same amount of pain. There seems to be loopholes with this current potential bill which is why it was not passed.