School Closures in Memphis

When I think about public administration the first thing that comes to my mind is people. People all over the world developing new ways to make wherever we are a better place, somewhere that people want to go and feel safe bringing their family/children. That is why I chose this topic of school closures in the city of Memphis.

In this article, parents and officials met up to discuss Riverview Middle and Riverview Elementary being on the chopping block when it comes to closing their school. Which would lead to job cutting and competition between teachers. In the article, one lady states that, “I had grandchildren that went there, great grandchildren that went there, all of them went there.” I think this statement fully explains why this school should be shut down, for the simple fact that it is too old which is the point that everyone is missing. When you think about what ways they can keep these schools open there is no transparent solution still to this day even after numerous Shelby county school meetings.

The schools are old, they are falling apart, by the looks of them I don’t think anyone would want their child attending these schools. This is where the old saying, “if its broke, fix it” comes into play. Shelby County schools need to use their resources and develop a plan to get these schools demolished and rebuilt or in the end they are going to get closed and jobs will be lost. People fear what might happen to the surrounding area if the buildings are left empty. All of this boils down to safety, money, and the steps they are going to take to make these schools and this area a better place.