Free Education

The College for All Act was recently introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders. Today in the United States there are over $70 billion dollars put into a four year college or university. Through this process the Federal Government will take more than half of the cost of tuition and the rest is left to the states to pay. Now the students future is up to the tax payers in their state. If the tax payers don’t want a increase in the money taken from them how does Sander’s plan flow.

Sander’s idea could also benefit the education for several students. This process will help hire more faculty to hold every position needed at a four year institution. There will be smaller classrooms and more hands on work for the students. Then in return there will be better funding for clubs and activities at the universities and sports teams as well. In this issue Bernie noticed that the good out weighed the bad and in hoping that so will the others in passing this Bill.

915 thoughts on “Free Education

  1. Feel that all education should be free an students who are in hybrid courses technology support should be available or provided by the instructor

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  2. I am for free education ,because everything has cost attached to it In the USA.Also ,books should not have a price on them either,education has become a money making vehicle for many who get compensation on selling books , supplies, and other tools for universities.The focus should be on learning ,not how will I pay off my loans after I graduate from college!

  3. I feel everyone should have access to a free college education if their grades earned in high school support that they have earned that privilege. I don’t feel just because it is free that my tax dollars should cover those who didn’t demonstrate academically in high school that they are smart. However, I do concede that not everyone excels high school and that some people don’t blossom until later in college academically. Because of this, I would recommend an addendum for those particular students. The addendum would require this particular student to pay completely or 50% of their first semester of college. If they pass all classes with a grade of a “C” or better, then they would be allowed to continue pursuing their college degree free. However, this rule would be in place for even those students who first semester of college was free. They would have to maintain satisfactory grades each semester to retain a free status for any college they attend.

  4. I don’t agree that books or college supplies should be free. I do feel that there should be caps placed on books to avoid the outrageous cost that publishers place on textbooks. The colleges or universities do have to make money to operate their institutions and also in tun help in support of a free educational system.

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  11. Thanks for sharing this blog. This blog is informative to wake up society to raise voices on this topic. I also favor that education should be free for all students.

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  15. Germany is a prosperous country that has chosen for the concept of the social democracy. That means that it uses a part of its profits to make education more easily accessible for promising students, even if their financial background is below average.

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