Collierville School classroom size

The town of Collierville decided to create their own school district after the merger with Memphis city schools and Shelby County schools. This change in distracts has drastically changed the way the public school runs. One of the biggest changes is the amount of students that are now attending Collierville schools. The district now consists of eight schools and approximately 8,000 students.

Tennessee board of education classroom regulations only have one teacher per classroom. Each grade has to a max number of students, K-3 can have 25 students, 4-6 can have 30 students, and 7-12 can have 35 per classroom. I find these numbers of students per classroom unrealistic. I do not believe that these students are getting a solid education if the teacher is being pulled in every direction with all of these students. I read an article that if a classroom has over 20 students than a teacher assistant needs to be in the class. Students need to have a relationship with their teacher so they are comfortable in asking questions and feel like they belong in the class. Having so many students in a classroom does not let that teacher have that close bond with his or her students.

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