A Heavy Weight

Lets face it, we live in a media obsessed society.  Between computers, smartphones, video games, along with magazines, movies and television shows, we all are bombarded with various images on what a “healthy weight” should look like.  We are either too fat or too thin, there is very little in-between.

I am saying this because with all these beauty standards, either consciously or sub-consciously bombarded with, it has given rise to the amount of individuals, both males and females,  with eating disorders.  The lack of treatments available for people struggling with this dangerous disease is tragic.  Treatment is expensive not only because it is a physical disease but also a mental disease as well, and not many people can afford it.

Even with the this new “affordable care act” which is supposed to aid those who need help, seems to look over this type of disorder. Homeless people have places to go, drug addicts have places to seek help, but those suffering from eating disorders and mental health don’t have very many places they can go to seek help.  I think this is a complete overlook of public administration for the benefit of the people.  More treatment options, and payment options I believe should be put in place.  The city can spend tons of money on things that in the line of importance, in my mind at least, are near the bottom of the list of concerns because the amount of people suffering and falling pray to this disease is on the rise and has been steadily for years.  Public administrators should look at this problem and formulate a better way to treat it.

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