EBT reform

As a former employee of Kroger and Schnucks, i have seen many transactions from small to large. Two types of transactions i saw were people using EBT cards(food stamps) and women, children and infants (WIC) program vouchers. For those that do not know, these are government programs that help the less fortunate of our country. I try not to question the validity of some of these transactions, but there seems to be trends that should not be allowed and probably are illegal. Personally i have seen groups and groups use one EBT card. When someone has a family of seven children I can understand it would be hard to feed and clothe that many kids. I also ask myself personally if one does not believe they will be able to provide for however many amount of kids, why would they have them? Having ten people buy whatever they want off an EBT card is almost hard to imagine but it happens all the time in Memphis. Also the quality of food that is purchased on many occasions is pure junk. If parents use the WIC program they are only allowed certain brands and quantities of specific juice and vegetables. I believe something like that should be implemented with EBT or “Food Stamps”. One should not be able to buy 8 gallons of sugar filled punch, 5 bags of family size chips and Little Debbies cakes if tax dollars are being used. I firmly believe that you have the freedom to put whatever you want in your body, but if you are using other peoples money there should be limits. Another thing I happened across was children using the EBT card without any guardian or owner of the actual card present. There should be a photo of the only person that is allowed to use the card on the card. Bank of America uses something like this with their customers debit cards. If tax dollars are going to be spent helping someone and their family, there should be healthier guidelines on what can be and cannot be bought. It works with WIC decently well and with WIC the proper nutrition for the baby is achieved. At the end of the day, nutrition for the less fortunate is all we are seeking to obtain by these programs.




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