Purpose of Correctional Facilities

I read an article  on the Purpose of Prisons/Correctional  facilities. In this article it gave four major purposes that a prison serves: 1. Retribution meaning  punishment  for crimes committed  against society 2. Incapacitating referring  to the removal of criminals from society so that they can no longer harm innocent  people 3. Deterrence  meaning the prevention  of future  crime. Hoping  that being locked up like animals has taught these individuals a lesson and has discouraged  them from committing  further crime 4. Rehabilitation  which refers to activities  designed  to change criminals into law abiding  citizens; which may include providing educational courses in prison, teaching  job skills and offering counseling  with a psychologist  or social  worker. The article further reads that results may vary in the makeup of their staff, design of the building  and their operations.

Okay, I do understand  that people should  face some type of retribution for an offense/crime committed and we should take responsibility  for our actions. What has been done to correct  their behavior  when these individuals are released  back into society, with felonies and criminal  backgrounds? Statistics  shows that at least 40% of ex-cons land back in prison. So, what are these so called correctional  facilities  actually  doing to reform these individuals?These facilities  claim  to rehab, but what are the end results? It seems to me that they take away their ability  to support a family and make it where it is inevitable  that they come back to prison. This way they can continue to make money…modern day slavery I say.







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