Non-Profit Organizations

In the local Memphis area, we have many non-profit organizations in the surrounding area. However, do we know that these non-profit organizations are really helping those in need or do we know the ones who are need are they benefitting from the organization? Consequently, Memphis doesn’t not have the resources to figure out if each individual person is actually getting assistance. For example, in the article we read for class it clearly showed how the non-profit organization was not getting enough funds but just making the bare minimum. In addition to, the non-profit organization should consider alternatives:like what would work else where,provide advocacy that would raise awareness of the organizations  and by fulfilling the mission.
Dealing with non-profit organizationas it’s not being doubted that the work is not being done that deals with hunger,creating a safe enivornemnt, to provide clothing but the problem is that people over the organizations such as the leadership has to be more determined to make more investments into these programs and serve all the people that need help in that time.
Also, non-profit organizations can start with a change in the mind set and behavior on how things are being prepared becuae those changes can determine the demands of on a non- profit constituency. Non-profit orgnizations  have pros and cons within itself such as elibibity for public and private grants and formal structure, with these two non profit organizations can accept charitable donations from the public  and the organization is a legal entity. Now with the cons of having a non- profit organization it deals with ongoing effort and initial commitment, and with these two it involves money because the program won’t run on it’s own and it will also have the necessity to have enough funds for legal assistance.
By having a non- profit organizations or just the ones in Memphis are people actually aware about the help that is provided to them, do they know how much they can benefit from it and it can help them have better lives? But the big question is, the ones that are working for the organizations are they doing their job to the fullest. For example, I believe workers should go to the areas where people need the most help from these organizations, because they offer many resources throughout the programs.
Therefore, non- profit organizations  can also have urgency and by having evidence that matters. Within in the organizations it’s very important that programs are working for what it was set up for. Also, with this it can be a way the organization can come up with surveys to test where each indidivual is within the program which can be tested on the improvement they could possible make.
In conclusion, non-profit organizations is something that is set up to help people who doesn’t have the proper needs as others have.   However, in Memphis we need to be more aware of what’s going on within our city  from citizens who needs the assistance, with the program it can be issues as well as a path to move them forward. It all comes with coming together, making them feel safe and have people that will support them.

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  1. with these two non profit organizations can accept charitable donations from the public and the organization is a legal driving directions entity. Now with the cons of having a non- profit organization it deals with ongoing effort and initial commitment,

  2. At the present stage of the development of society, the effectiveness of traditional resources for the development of universities is reduced. The system of innovative development of scientific knowledge, new technologies, and services is becoming dominant in the US economic growth. This involves interaction with various structures, and organizations, including non-profit ones. In the social and legal sphere, institutions of higher education can cooperate with non-profit organizations in the development of civil society institutions, children’s and youth social movement; organization of prevention of negative phenomena in the youth environment; prevention of family violence; family protection, environmental protection; education and awareness; social support for veterans, the disabled, orphans; organization of leisure activities for students; promotion of healthy lifestyles. One of the conditions for the existence of non-profit organizations referring to online research paper writing service is that the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the results of their activities meet the needs of society.

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  7. A non-profit organization is a group that was established with the intention of making a profit, and in which no part of the organization’s revenue is given to its directors, officials, or members. Non-profit organizations must meet certain requirements in order to exist. referring to a service that does pay someone to do my exam is that the society’s needs are met by the quantitative and qualitative measures of the results of their efforts.

  8. Any surplus funds generated by a nonprofit cannot be distributed to private individuals or businesses, as this would run counter to the organization’s stated mission slope unblocked. Nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes, from some political groups to educational institutions, trade groups, religious groups, social clubs, and even consumer cooperatives.

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