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I work as a financial aid officer here in Memphis and if anything gets me heated it is this student loan chaos.  I myself have racked up quite a bit of student loan debt but only because I have never been eligible for a Pell Grant…because I actually work and make a decent living.  The fact that I’m an independent woman (and no, I don’t say that with an attitude..just husbandless) with no children and  support myself just enough to get by every month, the government says they don’t want to let me in on this freely flowing money so many are able to get semester after semester.  Did you know that if you can truthfully answer yes to the question, “Do you receive food stamps?”, you are automatically eligible to get the FULL Pell Grant?!  Have you ever been at risk for being homeless?  Not sure what that means but yea…full Pell Grant there too.  The kicker is, even if you don’t answer questions such as these truthfully, there is a 50% you will still get away with it and receive this hefty “award” all throughout your college career.  So I guess besides having an income and not having any children, you have to be honest too.  Not saying all people that qualify for grants are the opposite of these things because I have witnessed responsible students.  I guess the thing that gets to me the most is that so many people take this privilege for granted.  You know how I know this? On top of getting a Pell Grant that can pay for more than HALF of your tuition (and the amounts are increasing yearly), people are still choosing to max out their student loans on top of this so they can live off of that refund check every semester.  Working full time and going to school is just out of the question.  What once was meant to help students avoid the black hole of life-long debt  has now become an enabler to do just so.  I am a daily witness to people literally depending on these checks to keep the lights on…a loan that is meant for education.  The same loan that I will soon run out of (there is a lifetime max of undergrad loans) to actually pay for my education.  I am sitting here worried that I won’t be able to finish my college career before I hit the limit while others are waiting on that money twice a year to buy the newest flat-screen.  It’s just crazy that people are voluntarily building debt when our government that everybody hates is actually willing to help.  Take advantage of this hand-out people!!! Because there are those of us out there that will never know the feeling. That is all:)

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  1. After reading your blog, it made me feel like you are upset that you cant get help with your education. sorry but maybe you school think about choosing a cheaper school to attend. Dont get upset about others using their refund check to pay their MLGW bill or whatever they choose to do with it.

    • I shouldn’t have to lessen my education. My point really is that the stipulations to get a grant are ridiculous and half of the people that qualify only do so because they don’t file taxes because they choose not to work…or they are not being honest on the FAFSA… I don’t genuinely care what people do with their’s the fact that there are so many people that would like to actually use their grant money for education and can’t do so.

      • I work full time and go to school full time, And Just because I get student loans and use it to pay off other bills and not use it on my education, Im wrong? You have to repay it; therefore, it can be used on whatever you choose……

  2. I always thought that if you did not answer the questions truthfully, they would investigate and if found untruthful you would owe back pay…. Uncle Sam is nothing to play with when filling out documents…… But it doesn’t matter because the Pell Grant only last so long before it reaches its limits

  3. I am empathetic to your inability to receive the Pell, but being judgmental in the fact by saying people who do receive Pell and Loans re jobless is nonsense. I have worked my way through all of my education, Associates and now my Bachelors either working 60-80 or working two jobs and going to school full time. I am twice divorced and clearly want a future for me and my children my ex’s on the other hand never wanted anything but to lay around. Though ask yourself this if your education allowed you to receive Pell and you put a little towards your MLGW was paid — there is no harm because now you can pay attention to your education rather than the stresses of that bill.

    • Clearly people have missed my point on this. And when people talk rather loudly outside after class about me and my opinions they think I have on this subject without just asking me to explain myself, it then becomes another issue. I am not judgmental in any form or fashion. Sorry if I came across that way.

  4. Just out of curiosity, since you said your are husbandless, when you file for FASFA, do you have to register as a dependent student because you have no one else to care for? This plays a major roll in what you do or don’t get. In all of your financial aid for that matter. If you’re still considered dependent according to FAFSA, they are not going to make decisions based on what you have, but they will be made based on your parents.

  5. It is unfair for you to get mad about people “living” off of their refund checks. A lot of traditional students do not want to have to work if they don’t have to. It is okay for people to not want to work and focus on their education. If you get enough money to do so I think it is okay for them to live off of their refund check. I also do not see this as irresponsible to take max loans because you do not know anyone’s situation. Some of the people taking max loans could be working hard and the refund check puts theme over until they graduate. You need know people’s situations.

  6. I work full time and go to school part time. Even though I still live at home, I still have bills. I live almost an hour away from school and gas isn’t cheap. I applied for the FAFSA and was approved. When I get my refund check twice a year, I do live off of it. I pay bills, provide food for myself, etc. I’m single with no children, but I do have a dog, and he’s not cheap either. I have to pay part of my health insurance. My job pays about 50% a month for that. I do not have dental or vision insurance. I have to pay out of pocket for that. I also need toiletries, clothes, and your basic everyday needs. All of that costs money and I’m not ashamed to say my loans help pay for that. I rarely get materialistic things(i.e. tv) unless it is when I get my tax return or I ask for it for Christmas/birthday.

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