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On this page I will be talking about the projects that I’m involved in.  Hopefully more than a few of them will involve Data Science, but I also write database programs and data collection software.  I’m also the webmaster and social media person for the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Memphis Speech and Hearing Center.

C++ Projects

Most of what I do with C++ these days is maintain some of my legacy software.  Many of the labs I work in now want students or research associates to be able to modify code (easier in Python or MATLAB).  I am working on some database interfaces that require security as well as some code to use TCP/IP or UDP to communicate between modules.

I’m working on two programs that interface with student databases.  One keeps tracking of PhD student progress as they matriclate through their academic program.  The other will assist faculty in advising their master’s students as well as monitor their progress during their masters programs.

MATLAB Projects

Information coming soon.

Python Projects

My most recent projects involved reading data from Excel spreadsheets and creating new sheets or updating content on current sheets.  I wanted to use pandas data frames for these tasks, but I found that the openpyxl package makes working with Excel spreadsheets incredibly easy.

Uncategorized Projects

I began the process of learning how to use E-Prime for programming experiments.

I developed my first app using MIT’s App Inventor. It needs some work, but at the very least it shows that App Inventor can be useful for people just starting out in app development.

Social Media Projects

I ventured into social media in March of 2010.  I wanted to create Facebook pages for our School as well as our Speech and Hearing clinic, which of course meant that I had to create a personal Facebook account. I joined Twitter in October of 2014 to establish our twitter presence.

For most of this time, I did all of the posting myself.  In the past year, I’ve given access to a few others to do some of the posts.

As times change, I’m realizing that we need to add additional outlets like Instagram to appeal to our younger audiences.  We also plan to do more work with focus groups to help us better reach our target audiences.

My boss advised me to use Hootsuite to manage our social media.  While I opted not to do that for now, I did take their Social Media Marketing course and will be taking the certification test.