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Ed Brainerd’s Musings

If you have stumbled across the site, you can watch me slowly learn how to use WordPress.

About This Site

I am a Research Computing Specialist working for the University of Memphis School of Communication Sciences and Disorders as part of its Center of Excellence (Center for Research Initiatives and Strategies for the Communicatively Impaired).

I work with researchers in hearing and speech science to develop specialized software for data collection and analysis.  I also manage our websites and social media presence.

I have served as a technical advisor to our primary registered student organization – the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association for almost three decades.

I’ve programmed in C++ for most of my career, but I’ve been working more recently with Python, R, MATLAB, Swift, and C#.

I worked during my graduate school years programming in LISP for the UofM’s Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Disclaimer: “The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the School or the University of Memphis.”