Welcome to my web site! I am an Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of Dr. Hanson headshotMusic Education at the University of Memphis. Most of my research concerns entrepreneurial thinking in music teaching and learning. Specifically, I hope to deepen understanding of the relationships between nonconformist approaches to K-12 music education, teacher motivation, and student learning, especially in underserved schools.

My teaching is guided by a six-point creed that has evolved over the course of my career:

  1. Work hard. Be loyal. Be a professional.
  2. What you do does not define who you are.
  3. People first…then process, then product.
  4. There is no TRUTH, only a collection of truths.
  5. Respect the normal curve. Each of us can do a lot of things pretty well, some things not-so-well, and a few things exceptionally well.
  6. The purpose of assessment is to improve instruction.

I serve as Past President of the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education (SAEE), a remarkable organization that brings together innovators from music, visual arts, theatre, dance, and other creative fields. At the University of Memphis, I also serve on numerous committees and advise doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students in music education.

Check out these kind words about my work in the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Journal!

Feel free to navigate through this site to learn more about my professional activities. Thanks for visiting!