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Cactus Juice can help Humans!

This week in class we have learned about and discussed plant structure, growth, and development. For instance, “Plants have a hierarchical organization consisting of organs, tissues, and cells.” I decided to review some literature on cactuses. I decided to take a different direction of the research of the cactus. I will discuss how cactuses are […]

Do plants have ears?

Plants are a very important part of our life. Plants have their own systems for the regulation of their growth. There are many factors, both internal and external, that affect plant growth. Growth factors contribute their effect by either inhibiting or accelerating the plant growth. One of these factors is music. Music has been demonstrated […]

Seed color predict plant quality for canola oil crops

The canola ( Brassica napus L.) seed, the source of our delicious canola oil, comes in a variety of colors.  The maximized production of canola seed’s germinating and seedling growth will thus maximize the oil production. This is why it is important to test the seeds and determine which seed will maximize these results.  At […]

Plant Defense Mechanisms Against Herbivores

I actually could not find a good experimental paper with a hypothesis or anything that would state why the experiment was made. But I did however, find something in the google scholar thing that had plenty of information about plant defenses against herbivores.  In my introduction, instead of stating a hypothesis or why an experiment […]

Effects of insecticides on goldren rods

Anna Young   Herbivores are animals that feed exclusively on plants and herbivore damage represents significant annual losses to agricultural production. To combat crop losses due to herbivory, many farmers annually apply insecticides, which can have negative impacts on human and ecosystem health. Many techniques are being tested to reduce the rate of insecticide application […]

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