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UofM piano professor tells BBC podcast what it’s like to perform with excruciating pain

Dr. Artina McCain, associate professor of piano, was recently profiled on a podcast produced by the BBC entitled ‘Sideways

In the episode, host Mathew Syed focuses on musicians performing publicly through bouts of excruciating pain.

Plus, he “explores the connection between the musician and their instrument and what happens when that precious relationship is severed by injury. He considers what happens when the thing we love to do most in the world begins to hurt us, and how being unable to do it can tear at the fabric of who we are.”

While studying for her doctorate, Dr. McCain couldn’t open her right hand all the way. She was in constant pain – she couldn’t even play an octave, and the condition forced her to stop driving.

“When a person is in a spiral of pain, it’s actually not possible to progress,” Dr. McCain said.

Experiencing that pain, that loss, how can performers find new ways of understanding themselves?

To listen to ‘Sideways’ with host Matthew Syed, produced on February 22nd for BBC 4 – CLICK HERE:

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