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Internship Spotlight: Morgan Massey

WYXR’s partnership with the University of Memphis guarantees us an intrinsic connection to some of the brightest young talents in the region, enabling us to be a potential training ground for careers in media.

So, we’re ecstatic to have our very first intern, Morgan Massey, a senior from Bryant, Arkansas, studying music business.

Each week, she’s learning about radio production in our studio, as well as archiving collections of Memphis music, preparing tracks from the past for a new home in our rotation. Find a bit more about one of the newest additions to our growing team, as well as her impressions of WYXR.

How’d you hear about WYXR?

Jeff Cohran (who teaches at U of M and hosts the WYXR show “Funkytown”) talked about WYXR and his show in class. He later offered to plug me in at the radio to get some experience. Prior to Jeff being my professor, I hadn’t heard about WYXR.

What is your impression of the music and programming at WYXR?

WYXR has a huge group of very different music lovers DJing and programming. All types of music are considered at WYXR, which is a lovely thing. There is also a large range of ages of people programming shows. The station is so inclusive!

What’s your favorite part about being involved at the station?

I love getting to meet all the people that make up the WYXR community. The environment in the studio is so chill and filled with music every day. Now that I have been archiving records, I love getting to explore music that isn’t known to me every day.

How do you feel your experiences at WYXR might impact your career in music business?

WYXR has shown me how a nonprofit/ community radio station fits into the economy of music business. It also has impacted how I view radio as an opportunity for artists to gain exposure.

If you could have your own show on WYXR, what would be the sound?

I have actually thought about this before. I think my show will be like a “Flavor of the Day” type of thing. I wouldn’t be playing only one genre or sound. It would be representative of the sound I’m vibing with for that day.

If you’re interested in internship information for the spring 2022 semester, contact us at .

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