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Communication & Film Professor embraces quirky horror in ‘Chompy and the Girls’

A new comedy/horror film produced by Marty Lang, Assistant Professor of Film at the University of Memphis, is set to release in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean platforms on September 14, 2021 through Freestyle Digital Media.

CHOMPY & THE GIRLS is the story of a troubled and depressed young woman who meets her
father for the first time – an encounter that goes from awkward to alarming when they witness a
man swallow a little girl whole. This terrifying event sends them on a wild ride full of  interdimensional entities, scary little girls, and crippling insecurities about the future.
CHOMPY & THE GIRLS was written and directed by Skye Braband, and was produced by Sarah
De Leon (Citizen Skull Management), Marty Lang (Assistant Professor of Film at the University of Memphis), and Braband (Zig Zag Pictures). Mark Myers and Citizen Skull Productions executive produce.

The cast of CHOMPY & THE GIRLS features Christy St. John (‘Jackson’), Steve Marvel (‘Sam’), Seneca Palliotta (‘Birch’), Julie Dolan (‘Deborah’), Hari Williams (‘Lotus’), Reggie Koffman (‘Chompy’), and a special appearance by Udo Kier.

“With Chompy & the Girls, we hoped to open up a discussion about what it means to grow, thrive, and live with mental health problems,” Braband said. ”Granted, we wanted to explore those themes in the most fun, surreal, and exciting way possible. Everyone involved in the production cared deeply about making this, and the heart put into it shows.”

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