Ring Central Update

Dear Colleagues,

The telephone system upgrade to RingCentral is underway and on schedule. RingCentral is deployed for all ITS phone extensions, Physical Plant phone extensions and the ITS Service Desk call center. The Administration Building is scheduled for migration this month.

During the transition, 4-digit dialing for campus extensions will be affected. When dialing within the phone systems, 4-digit dialing is available and works as expected. This includes RingCentral extension to RingCentral extension or Avaya PBX extension to Avaya PBX extension. Dialing 4 digits between separate phone systems is not available.

  • If your phone extension has been migrated to RingCentral, dialing the full 10-digit number (901.678.8888) is required to reach a campus phone extension that is on the Avaya PBX system. 
  • If your phone is still on the Avaya PBX system, 9 plus the 7-digit number is required to reach a campus phone extension that is on the RingCentral unified communication system.

Please check the RingCentral website for the most current information about the project, including the building schedule on the Timeline page. Remember that building dates are tentative and subject to change. Contact ringcentral@memphis.edu for questions related to the project.

If you need assistance with RingCentral, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 901.678.8888 or umtech@memphis.edu.

Best regards,

Karen Bell

Associate CIO
Information Technology Services