The University of Memphis is committed to the success of all students. We have launched YOU@Memphis (YOU), a personalized and free web portal dedicated to student health, happiness and success. This online portal emphasizes individual wellbeing and self-awareness in order to connect students to information, online tools, campus resources and opportunities—whenever they need it.

With expertise in three main areas—succeed, thrive and matter— the YOU portal helps students assess and improve their health, sense of purpose and life trajectory. YOU works best when students’ answers are honest and open. For that reason, all personal information that students provide on YOU is kept private.

As someone who interacts closely with students, please keep YOU in mind as a holistic tool worth recommending. Helping students make the most of their college experience is as easy as:

  • Step 1: Visit On the homepage, students can get a breakdown of the portal or just jump right in.
  • Step 2: Students, faculty and staff can sign up using their myMemphis email account. As an extension of campus, YOU keeps all personal information that students provide on the portal private.
  • Step 3: Discover. Once inside, students can start to customize their profile or take one of three reality checks. Both features are designed to cater content like tips, quizzes, videos and campus resources based on general needs and interests of individual students.
  • Step 4: Revisit. The YOU portal is intended to be used throughout a student’s college life. With changing content and dynamic tools, there’s a use for YOU from move-in day to landing that first job.

If you have questions about You@Memphis, please contact Britney Bryson ( If you would like to meet with a member of our Counseling Center team, please visit our website or call 901.678.2068 to schedule an appointment.