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Spring 2020 Seminar Series

All seminars in 100 Ellington Hall from 4-5 pm, refreshments beginning at 3:30 pm in the lobby

Tuesday January 21, 2020
Physiology Faculty Search

Thursday January 23, 2020
Physiology Faculty Search

Tuesday January 28, 2020
Physiology Faculty Search

Tuesday February 4, 2020
Physiology Faculty Search

Thursday February 13, 2020
Graduate Student 3 minute thesis

Thursday February 20, 2020
Dr. Sarah DuRant- University of Arkansas
Incubation behavior links environmental conditions with the avian developmental environment: Implications for survival, sex ratios, and disease
Host: Dr. Jim Adelman

Thursday February 27, 2020
Dr. Peter Morrell- University of Minnesota
Deleterious variants and the genetic cost of domestication
Host: Dr. Jennifer Mandel

Thursday March 5, 2020
Dr. Elena Brey Speth- St. Louis University
Unpacking the gene-to-phenotype relationship in the introductory biology classroom
Host: Dr. Jaime Sabel

Thursday March 19, 2020- Canceled
Dr. Alexander Rosenberg- University of Alabama- Birmingham
Bioinformatics for Studying B Cell Receptor Repertoires
Host: Dr. Bernie Daigle

Thursday March 26, 2020- Canceled
Dr. Chris Schardl- University of Kentucky
The how and why of chemotypic diversity of Epichloë spp., protective symbionts of temperate grasses
Host: Dr. Shawn Brown

Thursday April 2, 2020- Canceled
Dr. Sarah Bergemann- Middle Tennessee State University
Host: Dr. Shawn Brown

Thursday April 9, 2020- Canceled
Dr. Susan Miranda- University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center
Estrogen signaling in normal bone and osteosarcoma
Host: Dr. Amy Abell

Thursday April 16, 2020- Canceled
Dr. Kim Huhman- Georgia State University
Host: Biology Graduate Student Association

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