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Fall 2020 Seminar Series

All seminars will be streamed from 4-5 pm CST

Thursday September 3, 2020
Dr. Bernie Daigle, Jr.- University of Memphis
Tenure and Promotion Talk
Systems Biology Approaches to Disease Biomarker Discovery
Host: Dr. Dave Freeman

Thursday September 10, 2020
Dr. Kim Huhman- Georgia State University
Winners and Losers – Neurobiology of Social Stress
Host: BioGSA

Thursday October 15, 2020
Dr. Loren Cassin-Sackett- University of Louisiana at Lafayette
The consequences of introduced pathogens on host evolution
Host: Dr. Emily Puckett

Thursday October 22, 2020
Dr. Mark Edwards- Royal Alberta Museum
Museum collections cast new light on spatial ecology of extant species
Host: Dr. Emily Puckett

Thursday October 29, 2020
Dr. Joshua Bloomekatz- University of Mississippi
Investigating cardiomyocyte trajectories during heart development
Host: Dr. Amy Abell

Thursday November 5, 2020
Dr. Allison Veach- University of Texas- San Antonio
Soil biotic resiliency and drought: understanding how a changing climate may impact belowground microbiota
Host: Dr. Shawn Brown

Thursday November 12, 2020
Dr. Janet Buckner- Louisiana State University
Host: Dr. Jim Adelman

Thursday November 19, 2020
Dr. Alexander Rosenberg- University of Alabama- Birmingham
Bioinformatics for Studying B Cell Receptor Repertoires
Host: Dr. Bernie Daigle

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