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Fall 2021 Seminar Series

All seminars will be from 4-5 pm CST.  Please check schedule for in-person or virtual format.

Thursday August 26, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Keith Bowers- University of Memphis
Tenure and Promotion Seminar
Evolutionary conflict and confluence in the nuclear family
Host: Dr. Dave Freeman

Tuesday August 31, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Jaime Sabel- University of Memphis
Tenure and Promotion Seminar
Developing scaffolds to support students in understanding scientific concepts and engaging in scientific practices
Host: Dr. Dave Freeman

Thursday September 16, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Jeff Good- University of Montana
Climate change and the evolution of seasonal camouflage
Host: Dr. Emily Puckett

Thursday September 23, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Lynette Strickland- University of Memphis
Variation in nature: maintenance, benefits, and consequences
Host: Dr. Duane McKenna

Thursday September 30, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Elizabeth Barnes- Middle Tennessee State University
A call to build religious cultural competence in biology education
Host: Dr. Jaime Sabel

Thursday October 28, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. James Cahill- University of Florida
Identifying the genetic basis of the evolution of language through comparative genomics
Host: Dr. Emily Puckett

Thursday November 4, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Joshua Welch- University of Michigan
Quantitative definition of cellular identity from single-cell multi-omic data
Host: Dr. Bernie Daigle

Thursday November 11, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Rosana Zenil-Ferguson- University of Hawai'i
Integration of traits and diversification: Lessons from small and big phylogenies
Host: Dr. Jennifer Mandel

Thursday November 18, 2021 (Virtual)
Dr. Veena Prahlad- University of Iowa
Neuronal control over the cellular stress response: mechanisms and consequences
Host: Dr. Omar Skalli

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