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Faculty and Student Publications

Publications: 2020
# graduate student, * undergraduate student, department member

  • G Szwabowski#, PN Castleman#, CK Sears*, LH Wink, JA Cole, DL Baker, and AL Parrill. Benchmarking GPCR homology model template selection in combination with de novo loop generation.  In Press,  J Computer-Aided Molecular Design,
  • P. Shrestha#, J. Ni and T-Y Wang.  Synergistic and antagonistic interactions of triclosan with various antibiotics in bacteria. J Environmental Sci Health, Part C: Toxicology and Carcinogenesis, In Press
  • T Ahameda, SP Brown and M Salehi. Investigate the Role of Biofilm and Water Chemistry on Lead Deposition onto and Release from Polyethylene: An Implication for Potable Water Pipes. J Hazardous Materials, In Press, June 2020.
  • Lessman, C., & Brantley, N#. (2020). Puberty visualized: Sexual maturation in the transparent Casper zebrafish. Zygote, 1-11.
  • J Jiang, NP Dhakal, Y Guo, C Andre, L Thompson, O Skalli and Chenhui Peng. Controlled Dynamics of Neural Tumor Cells by Templated Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks. Adv Healthcare Materials In Press
  • M Shahrtash# and SP Brown. Drivers of Foliar Fungal Endophytic Communities of Kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) in the Southeast United States. Diversity 2020, 12(5), 185
  • CMV Nuñez , DI Rubenstein. Communication is key: Mother-offspring signaling can affect behavioral responses and offspring survival in feral horses (Equus caballus). PLoS ONE 15(4): e0231343.
  • EE Puckett, D Orton and J Munshi-South. Commensal Rats and Humans: Integrating Rodent Phylogeography and Zooarchaeology to Highlight Connections between Human Societies. BioEssays 2020,42 1900160.
  • JL Sabel Using the FRAMER Scaffold Design Framework to Support Students in Learning & Understanding Biology.
  • MF Carrasco-Harris#, D Bowman, S Reichling, JA Cole. Spatial ecology of copperhead snakes (Agkistrodon contortrix) in response to urban park trails.
    J Urban Ecol 6, Issue 1, 2020, juaa007.
  • MF Carrasco-Harris#, JR Mandel, CM Siniscalchi, S Reichling and JA Cole.   Population genetics of Copperheads (Agkistroden contortrix). Herpetol Rev 51:1-7, 2020.
  • MM Jones, L Proops, CMV Nuñez. 2020. Rising up to the challenge of their rivals: Mare infidelity intensifies stallion response to playback of aggressive conspecific vocalizations.  App Anim Behavior Sci, In Press.
  • GWC Thomas, E Dohmen,...DD McKenna, B Misof,... & Stephen Richards. Gene content evolution in the arthropods. Gene content evolution in the arthropods. Genome Biol 21, 15 (2020)
  • EL Guy#, MW Martin#, AJ Kouba, JA Cole and CK Kouba. 2020.  Evaluation of different temporal periods between hormone-induced ovulation attempts in the female Fowler's toad Anaxyrus fowleri.  Conservation Physiol. Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020, coz113.

Publications: 2019
# graduate student, * undergraduate student, department member

  • Sutter CH, Olesen KM, Bhuju J#, Guo Z, Sutter TR. AHR Regulates Metabolic Reprogramming to Promote SIRT1-Dependent Keratinocyte Differentiation. J Invest Dermatol 139:818-826, 2019.
  • Scauzillo, R. C#. & Ferkin, M. H. (2019). Factors that affect non-independent mate choice. Biological J Linnean Society 128:499-514.
  • Ferkin, M. H. (2019). Perspectives on chemical signals conveying information in rodents. In: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 14. Buesching CD (ed) Springer Nature AG, Switzerland. Pp. 3-12
  • Young, R. L., Ferkin, M., Ockendon-Powell, N., Orr, V., Phelps, S. Pogány, A., et al. (2019).  Conserved transcriptomic profiles underpin monogamy across vertebrates. PNAS  116: 1331-1336.
  • Rodriguez Sala, M., Peng, C., Skalli, O., & Sabri, F. (2019). Tunable neuronal scaffold biomaterials through plasmonic photo-patterning of aerogels. MRS Communications, 9(4), 1249-1255.
  • Havird, J. C., R. J. Weaver, L. Milani, F. Ghiselli, R. Greenway, A. J. Ramsey#, A. G. Jimenez, et al. 2019. Beyond the Powerhouse: Integrating Mitonuclear Evolution, Physiology, and Theory in Comparative Biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology 59: 856–863.
  • Jones, M.M.# and C.M.V. Nuñez. 2019. Decreased mare fidelity alters stallion behavior in a population managed with immunocontraception. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 214: 34-41.
  • Choi, H., Lee, H., Lee, S. 2019. Proposal of a new subfamily of Sciaridae (Diptera: Sciaridae), with description of one new species from South Korea. Zootaxa. 4543 (1): 127-136.
  • Clarke, D.J., Oberprieler, R.G. 2019. Replacement names for Elwoodius Clarke & Oberprieler and Platychirus Clarke & Oberprieler (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Mesophyletidae). Diversity. 11(2), 16.
  • Lee, Y., Lee, W., Seo, H., Lee, S., Choi, H. Cho, G., Oh, M., Choi, J., Lee, M., Kim, J., Jung, S. 2019. National List of Species of Korea [Insects] (Hexapoda: Chapter: Hemiptera). NIBR, Incheon, 986 pp.
  • Mitchell, R.F., Schneider, T.M., Schwartz, A.M., Andersson, M.N., McKenna, D.D. 2019. The Diversity and Evolution of Odorant Receptors in Beetles (Coleoptera). Insect Molecular Biology. 10.1111/imb.12611
  • Seppey, M., Ioannidis, P., Emerson, B.C., Pitteloud, C., Robinson-Rechavi, M., Roux, J., Escalona, H.E., McKenna, D.D., Misof, B., Shin, S.3, Zhou, X., Waterhouse, R.M. & Alvarez, N. 2019. Genomic signatures accompanying the dietary shift to phytophagy in polyphagan beetles. Genome Biology. 20: 98. 10.1186/s13059-019-1704-5.
  • Vizán-Rico, H.I., Mayer, C., Petersen, M., McKenna, D.D., Zhou, X. and Gómez-Zurita, J. 2019. Patterns and constraints in the evolution of sperm individualization genes in insects, with an emphasis on beetles. Genes. 10, 776.
  • Zettlemoyer, M.A., McKenna, D.D., Lau, J.A. 2019. Species Characteristics Affect Local Extinctions. Am J Botany. 106 (4): 547-559.
  • JB Kelley, SN Carter, BD Goldman, S Goldman, DA Freeman. Mechanism for establishing and maintaining the reproductive hierarchy in a eusocial mammal, the Damaraland mole-rat. Animal Behaviour 158: 193-200, 2019.
  • DD McKenna, S Shin, D Ahrens, M Balke, C Beza-Beza#, DJ Clarke, .... and RG Beutel. The evolution and genomic basis of beetle diversity. PNAS in press 
    Note:  Dr. McKenna was interviewed by BBC Newsday for this article and you can hear the interview here.
  • Jones, K.E., T. Fér, R.E. Schmickl, R.B. Dikow, V.A. Funk, S. Herrando-Moraira, C.M. Siniscalchi, A. Susanna, M. Slovák, R. Thapa#, L.E. Watson, J.R. Mandel. 2019. An empirical assessment of a single family-wide hybrid capture locus set at multiple evolutionary timescales in Asteraceae. Applications in Plant Sciences.
  • Mandel, J.R., C.K Major*, R.J. Bayer, J.E. Moore. Combining studies of genetic diversity and demography in a long-lived clonal herb. 2019. PLoS ONE. 14(10): e0224123.
  • Siniscalchi, C.M., B. Loeuille, V.A. Funk, J.R. Mandel, J.R. Pirani. 2019. Phylogenomics yields new insight into relationships within Vernonieae (Asteraceae). Frontiers in Plant Sciences. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01224.
  • KR Dean, R Hammamieh, SH Mellon, D Abu-Amara, JD Flory, G Guffanti, K Wang, BJ Daigle Jr....L Lu#, ...C Marmar. Multi-omic biomarker identification and validation for diagnosing warzone-related post-traumatic stress disorder. Mol Psychiatry (2019) doi:10.1038/s41380-019-0496-z
  • Brantley N# and Lessman CA. In vivo assessment of gonad status, secondary sex characteristics and spawning in transparent Casper zebrafish.  Mechan Develop 160, In Press
  • Mueller AJ#, Twedt DJ, Bowers EK. 2019. Rapid adoption of nestboxes by Prothonotary Warblers (Protonotaria citrea) in mesic deciduous forest. Canadian J Zoology 97:1109-1115, 2019.
  • Burkhart, JJ, EE Puckett, CJ Kroese, CN Sholy, RD Semlitsch, and LS Eggert. Post-Pleistocene differentiation in a Central Interior Highlands endemic salamander. Ecology and Evolution 9:11171-11184.
  • Puckett, EE, E Magnussen, LA Khlyap, TM Strand, A Ludkvist, and J Munshi-South. Genomic analyses reveal three independent introductions of the invasive brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) to the Faroe Islands. Heredity 124:15-27.
    Note: You can listen to Dr. Puckett's podcast relating to this paper by clicking here
  • Brown SP, Veach AM, Horton J, Ford E, Jumpponen A, Baird R (2019). Context dependent fungal and bacterial community shifts in response to recent wildfire in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Forest Ecology and Management. (in press)
  • Beza-Beza, CF#, L Jimenez-Ferbans, DJ Clarke, P Reyes-Castillo, DD McKenna.  Tonantzin, a New Genus of Bess Beetle (Coleoptera, Passalidae) from a Montane Subtropical Forest in Central Mexico, with a Review of the Taxonomic Significance of the Mesofrontal Structure in Proculini. Insects 2019, 10(7), 188
  • Dowell JA, EC Reynolds, TP Pliakas, JM Mandel, JM Burke, LA Donovan, CM Mason. Genome-Wide Association Mapping of Floral Traits in Cultivated Sunflower (Helianthus annuus). J Heredity 110(3): 275–286, 2019.  
    Note: This article provided the cover image for this issue of the journal.
  • Mandel, J.R., R.B. Dikow, C.M. Siniscalchi, R. Thapa#, L.E. Watson, and V.A. Funk. A fully resolved backbone phylogeny reveals numerous dispersals and explosive diversifications throughout the history of Asteraceae, Proc Nat'l Acad Sci,
  • Ramsey, A. J.#, Mandel, J.R. Heteroplasmy and patterns of cytonuclear linkage disequilibrium in wild carrot. Integrative and Comparative Biology 59:1005-1015, 2019.
  • J.R. Mandel. A Jurassic leap for flowering plants. Nature Plants 5: 455–456.
  • Thapa R.#, R.J. Bayer, and J.R. Mandel. Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for Antennaria corymbosa (Asteraceae) and close relatives. Applications in Plant Sciences  7(6): e11268
  • Ramsey A.J.# and J.R. Mandel.  When One Genome Is Not Enough: Organellar Heteroplasmy in Plants.  Annual Plant Reviews Online 2019
  • Wyatt KH, Seballos RC, Shoemaker MN, Brown SP, Chandra S, Kuehn KA, Rober AR, Sardo S (2019). Resource constraints highlight complex microbial interactions during lake biofilm development. Journal of Ecology (in press)
  • Bayer, R. J. and M. O. Dillon. Quasiantennaria (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae), a new genus from the central Andes. Arnaldoa 26:9-26.
  • Phan V., D.-T. Pham, C. Melton#, A. Ramsey#, B. J. Daigle, Jr, J.R. Mandel.  icHET: Interactive Visualization of Cytoplasmic Heteroplasmy. Bioinformatics. 2019 Apr 30. pii: btz300.
  • Raghu#, D., R.J. Mobley, N.A.M Shendy#, C.H. Perry#, A.N. Abell. GALNT3 Maintains the Epithelial State in Trophoblast Stem Cells. Cell Reports 26(13):3684-3697, 2019.
  • Puckett, E.E. and J.Munshi-South.  Brown rat demography reveals pre-commensal structure in eastern Asia before expansion into Southeast Asia.  Genome Res. 2019. 29: 762-770
  • Herrando-Moraira S., J.A. Calleja, M. Galbany-Casals, N. Garcia-Jacas, J-Q. Liu, J. López-Alvarado, J. López-Pujol, J.R. Mandel, N. Montes-Moreno, C. Roquet, L. Sáez, A. Sennikov, A. Susanna, R. Vilatersana. Nuclear and plastid DNA phylogeny of the tribe Cardueae (Compositae) with Hyb-Seq data: A new subtribal classification and a temporal framework for the origin of the tribe and the subtribes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 137: 313-332.
  • Ramsey A.J.#, S.M. Ballou#, J.R. Mandel. Altered pollination ecology of a native plant species in the presence of an attractive non-native plant species. Rhodora 121: 159-173, 2019.
  • Mandel, J.R., J. Brunet. 2019. Gene Flow in Carrot. In: The Carrot Genome, Ed. P. Simon, M. Iorizzo, D. Grzebelus, R. Baranski. Springer-Verlag: Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London, New York, Tokyo.
  • EK Bowers, JB Jenkins#, AJ Mueller#,KD Miller#, CF Thompson, and SK Sakaluk. Condition-Dependent Begging Elicits Increased Parental Investment in a Wild Bird Population, Am. Naturalist, 193:725-737, 2019.
  • Brown, SP and A. Jumpponen. Microbial Ecology of Snow Reveals Taxa-Specific Biogeographical Structure. Microbial Ecology 77:946-958, 2019.
  • Jones JM, Heath KD Ferrer A, Brown SP, Canam T, Dalling JW (2018) Wood decomposition in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the tropics: contrasting biotic and abiotic processes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 95(1): fiy223.
  • Wink LH#, Baker DL, Cole JA, and Parrill, A. A Benchmark Study of Loop Modeling Methods Applied to G Protein-Coupled Receptors.  J Computer-Aided Molec Design, 2019 33(6):573-595.
  • Rohrer, KN# and MH Ferkin. Meadow voles, Microtus pennsylvanicus, can discriminate between scents of individual house cats, Felis catus.  Ethology 125:316-323, 2019.
  • Criswell, S#, Taylor M, Kenwright, K, and O Skalli.  The intermediate filament protein synemin (SYNM) was found to be more widespread in CD117+ gastrointestinal stromal cell tumors (GIST) than the CD34 transmembrane phosphoglycoprotein: an immunohistochemical study. J Histotechnol, 42; 1-7, 2019.
  • Ferkin, M.H. Scent marks of rodents can provide information to conspecifics Anim Cogn 22:445-452, 2019
  • Clarke, D., A. Limaye, D McKenna, R Oberprieler. 2018/2019. The Weevil Fauna Preserved in Burmese Amber—Snapshot of a Unique, Extinct Lineage (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea). Diversity. 11(1). 219 pp;
    To read more about the impact of this paper, which describes 52 previously unknown species of weevil belonging to a brand new, extinct family, visit
  • Castleman PN#, CK Sears, JA Cole, DL Baker, AL Parrill GPCR homology model template selection benchmarking: Global versus local similarity measures. J Molec Graphics Modelling 86 (2019) 235-246, 2019.

Publications:  2018

  • Hübner, S. ,N. Bercovich, M. Todesco, J. R. Mandel, et al L. H. Rieseberg. Sunflower pan-genome analysis shows that hybridization altered gene content and disease resistance. Nature Plants 5:54-62, 2019.
  • Siniscalchi CM, BPF Loeuille, JR Pirani JR Two New Rupicolous Species of Chresta (Asteraceae, Vernonieae) from the Brazilian Caatinga. Systematic Botany 43(4):1059-1071.
  • Beutel, R.G., H.W. Pohl, E.V. Yan, E. Anton, S. Liu, A. ÅšlipiÅ„ksi, D.D. McKenna, F. Friedrich. 2018. The phylogeny of Coleopterida (Hexapoda) – morphological characters and molecular phylogenies. Systematic Entomology 44:75-102, 2018.
  • Brown SP, DR Leopold, PE Busby. Protocols for investigating the leaf mycobiome using high throughput DNA sequencing. In: Ma W and Wolpert T (eds.). Plant Pathogenic Fungi and Oomycetes: Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1848. Humana Press, New York, NY USA. Pp 39-51, 2018
  • Chen, N, I Juric, EJ Cosgrove, R Bowman, JW Fitzpatrick, SJ Schoech, AG Clark, G Coop. Allele frequency dynamics in a pedigreed natural population. Proc Nat’l Acad Sci 116:2158-2164,  2019. 
  • Clarke DJ. Systematics, natural history and evolution of the saw-lipped rove beetles (Euaesthetinae): progress and prospects for future research. pp. 81–114, In: Betz O, Irmler U, Klimaszewski J (eds) Biology of Rove Beetles (Staphylinidae): Life History, Evolution, Ecology and Distribution. Springer. 351pp.
  • Choi H, Shin S, Jung S, Clarke DJ, Lee S. 2018. Molecular phylogeny of Macrosiphini (Hemiptera: Aphididae): an evolutionary hypothesis for the Pterocomma-group habitat adaptation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 121: 12–22. Apr;121:12-22. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2017.12.021.
  • Criswell S#, T O'Brien, O Skalli. Presence of intermediate filament protein synemin in select sarcomas. J Histotechnology 41:40-48, 2018. https://DOI:10.1080/01478885.2018.1438757
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  • Elderbrock, EK, TW Small, SJ Schoech. Influence of corticosterone treatment on nestling begging in Florida scrub-jays (Aphelocoma coerulescens). Gen Comp Endocrinol 259:213-222, 2018.
  • Elderbrock, EK, TW Small, SJ Schoech. 2018. Nestling corticosterone levels are related to adult provisioning in Florida scrub-jays (Aphelocoma coerulescens). Physiol Biochem Zool 91:1083-1090, 2018.
  • Evans JD, DD McKenna, ED Scully, SC Cook, B Dainat, N Egekwu, N Grubbs, D Lopez, MD Lorenzen, SM Reyna, FD Rinkevich, P Neumann, Q Huang. Genome of the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida, Coleoptera: Nitidulidae), a worldwide parasite of social bee colonies, provides insights into detoxification and herbivory. Gigascience. 2018.
  • Ferkin MH Odor communication and mate choice in rodents. Biology 7, 13; doi:10:3390/biology/7010013, 2018
  • Gillung P, Winterton SL, Bayless KM, Khouri Z, Borowiec ML, Yeates D, Kimsey LS, Misof B, Shin S, Zhou X, Mayer C, Petersen M, Wiegmann BM. 2018. Anchored phylogenomics unravels the evolution of spider flies (Diptera, Acroceridae) and reveals discordance between nucleotides and amino acids. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 128:233-245. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2018.08.007
  • Jones JM, Heath KD Ferrer A, Brown SP, Canam T, Dalling JW (2018) Wood decomposition in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the tropics: contrasting biotic and abiotic processes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 95(1): fiy223.
  • Johnson, A.J., D.D. McKenna, B.H. Jordal, A.I. Cognato, S.M. Smith-Cognato, A.R. Lemmon, E.L. Lemmon, J. Hulcr. 2018. Phylogenomics clarifies repeated evolutionary origins of inbreeding and fungus farming in bark beetles (Curculionidae, Scolytinae). Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution. 127: 229-238.
  • Letsch H., B. Gottsberger, C. Metzl, J. Astrin, A.L.L. Friedman, D.D. McKenna, K. Fiedler. 2018. Climate and host plant associations shaped the evolution of weevils (Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) throughout the Cenozoic. Evolution. 72(9):1815–1828. DOI: 10.1111/evo.13520.
  • McKenna, D.D., D.J. Clarke, R. Anderson, J. Astrin, S. Brown, L. Chamorro, S.R. Davis, M. Guadalupe del Rio, J. Haran, G. Kuschel, N. Franz, B. Jordal, A. Lanteri, R.A.B. Leschen, H. Letsch, C. Lyal, A.E. Marvaldi, B. de Medeiros, J-R. Mermudes, R.G. Oberprieler, A. Schütte, A. Sequeira, S. Shin, M.H. Van Dam, G. Zhang. 2018. Morphological and Molecular Perspectives on the Phylogeny, Evolution and Classification of Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea): Proceedings from the 2016 International Weevil Meeting. Diversity. 10(3), 64;
  • McKenna D.D. 2018. Beetle systematics in the 21st Century: Prospects and progress from studies of genes and genomes. Current Opinions in Insect Science. 24: 76-82. DOI: 10.1016/j.cois.2017.12.002.
  • Murin P Relationships Among Ovary, Secondary Sex Characteristics, and Embryo Output in The Transparent Casper Zebrafish.  QuaesitUM: The University of Memphis undergraduate research journal, 2018:62-73. (Mentor: Dr. Charles Lessman).
  • Herrando-Moraira S., J.A. Calleja, P. Carnicero-Campmany, K.Fujikawa, M. Galbany-Casals, N. Garcia-Jacas, H-T. Im, S-C. Kim, J. Liu, J. López-Alvarado, J. López-Pujol, J.R.Mandel, S. Massó, I. Mehregan, N. Montes-Moreno, E. Pyak, C. Roquet, L. Sáez, A. Sennikov, A. Susanna, V. Roser. (2018) Exploring data processing strategies in NGS target enrichment to disentangle radiations in the tribe Cardueae (Compositae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 128:69-87. 10.1016/j.ympev.2018.07.012.
  • Poorboy D, EK Bowers, S Sakaluks, CF Thompson. Experimental cross-fostering of eggs reveals effects of territory quality on reproductive allocation. Behavioral Ecology 29(5):1190-1198, 2018.
  • Slominski  AT, T-K Kim, Z Janjetovic, AA Brożyna, MA Å»mijewski, H Xu, TR Sutter, RC Tuckey, AM. Jetten, and DK. Crossman. Differential and Overlapping Effects of 20,23(OH)2D3 and 1,25(OH)2D3 on Gene Expression in Human Epidermal Keratinocytes: Identification of AhR as an Alternative Receptor for 20,23(OH)2D3. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19(10), 3072, 2018.
  • Seppey, M, Ioannidis, P, Emerson, BC, Pitteloud, C, Robinson-Rechavi, M, Roux, J, Escalona, HE, McKenna, DD, Misof, B, Shin, S, Zhou, X, Waterhouse, RM., Alvarez, N. 2018. Genomic signatures accompanying the dietary shift to phytophagy in polyphagous beetles. bioRxiv.
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  • Shin S, Clarke DJ, Lemmon AR, Moriarty Lemmon E, Aitken AL, Haddad S, Farrell BD, Marvaldi AE, Oberprieler RG, McKenna DD. Phylogenomic data yield new and robust insights into the phylogeny and evolution of weevils. Molecular Biology and Evolution 35(4): 823–836, 2018.
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  • Sutter CH, KM. Olesen, J Bhuju, Z Guo, TR Sutter. The AHR Regulates Metabolic Reprogramming to Promote SIRT1-dependent Keratinocyte Differentiation, J Invest Dermatol
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  • Tricola GM, MJP Simons, E Atema, PD Boersma, RK Boughton, JL Brown, DC Dearborn, G Divoky, J Elmes, CF Huntington, AS Kitaysky, FA Juola, DB Lank, HP Litwa, EGA Mulder, ICY Nisbet, K Okanoya, RJ Safran, SJ Schoech, EA Schreiber, PM Thompson, S Verhulst, NT Wheelwright, DM Winkler, R Young, CM Vleck, MF Haussmann. The rate of telomere loss is related to maximum lifespan in birds. Philosoph Trans Royal Soc B 373:20160445, 2018
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