Stacey Park

Stacey Park

Stacey Park (BSN ’94) is currently a stay-at-home mom who is one of three sisters (Suzanne Scobey and Stephanie Cape) who graduated from LCON. Her husband is one of the University of Memphis athletics team physicians.

I’m currently a stay home mom, but my husband Dr. Ashley Park is a physician at Campbell‘s Clinic and one of the team physicians that covers all sports at the UofM. The Campbell Clinic physicians see and treat all UofM athletes. They are the sole providers for the UofM. Daily at Campbell Clinic, Dr. Park, my husband,  is masked, gloved, wears protective eyewear, and gowns up as necessary.  He washes hands with stringent antibacterial soap in between each and every patient and wears gloves that are changed in between each patient.  He maintains at least 6ft. social distancing, if not more with patients, for both the doctor’s protection as well the patient’s protection.

Initially at Campbell’s Clinic,  they were using teleconferencing to see patients but have gradually returned to seeing patients in person. When he returns home from a typical work day, he promptly removes all work uniform: scrubs, shoes etc.  He immediately showers and promptly has his work uniform washed. The standards for Covid protocol have become part of his daily routine.

Being in healthcare at this time is both historical as well as critical.  In these unprecedented times, each and every hand on board is needed and vital to caring for all patients in our great city as well as the sports teams throughout the Memphis including the UofM.  We are proud Tiger fans and are glad to help the Department of Nursing and the University in any way we possibly can. Our advice to others is just to treat your fellow man as if their life depended on it, because in many cases, and so very often,  it does.

Go Tigers!

Stacey Park, R.N., B.S.N.


Dr. Ashley Park, Staff MD at Campbell Clinic and a Team physician for the U of M