Laura Magowan

Brooke Magowan in COVID protective gear

Brooke Magowan

Laura Magowan (BSN ’94), RN, is a retired housewife. She provided information about her daughter who is working with COVID-19 patients.

My daughter Brooke Magowan (BSN ’18) started her nursing career in CVICU and continues working there in one of our local hospitals. She started seeing the Covid-19 patients come to her unit. At first it wasn’t bad but after two weeks she had to see the impact this took on family members. A wife had to watch her husband die through a glass wall because of isolation. Because the wife was around her husband, she was considered a person who could have been infected and needed to be in isolation herself. What bothered my daughter was that she couldn’t comfort the wife that just lost her Husband. That is what Loewenberg College of Nursing taught both of us… that as a nurse… you treat the whole person, which also means their family. I am so proud that both mom and daughter graduated from same school and their program has gotten even better year after year!

My family has been at our farm away from Shelby County and my daughter told us not to come back to Shelby County because it was bad around the county. But we are slowly getting back into our other house in Shelby County. My daughter has done things on her own to try to deal with having to see the corona positive patients lose the battle… and she is doing better.