Alumni Spotlight: Korrie Johnson

johnsonWe have alumni all over the country doing interesting things and we are incredibly proud of them.  This week we feature alumnus Korrie Johnson.  Korrie got his BA at the University of Memphis and then continued on into our MA program.  He completed the MA degree in sociology in 2014.  He then started in the PhD program at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Korrie is in his last semester of coursework at OSU and plans to take his qualifying exams in the spring and then begin on his dissertation.  Korrie is currently on a research project looking at the relationship between LGBTQ children and their parents and how their relationship has changed over time.  It is a mixed methods study and they are currently conducting in-depth interviews.  Korrie does not yet have a dissertation topic but his research interests lie at the intersection of family, race and health.

Korrie taught his first undergraduate course at OSU this past summer.  He says it was an amazing experience and he’s very excited to do it again.  He loved seeing the wide eyes of his students when their perspective on life was changed through sociology as he still remembers having those same wide eyes in his undergraduate coursework.

When he is not neck deep in his coursework and research Korrie enjoys hanging out with the Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus at OSU and complaining about the stresses of graduate school.  He also loves video gaming, but alas his graduate studies limit his gaming.  Though he is making a little time here and there for Destiny and Fallout 4.

Korrie reports that life is good at OSU.  He is receiving the support and resources he needs.  Korrie is a native Memphian though and he does say that he really misses the food in Memphis.  There is no food like Memphis food and he can’t wait to come back and pig out over the holidays. 


    • Congratulations Korrie D. Johnson
      Make Memphis proud! We love and miss you back here at home!!

      W.M. Tawana Ferby
      Diamond Chapter #123

  1. Korrie you are one of the lights of my life. From the day you were born I knew you were going to be successful. I am a blessed mother to have such a great young man. Love Always, MOM

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